After 3 years of intensive R&D, STG Global would like to introduce the HDV16000 semitrailer. The latest addition to our already extensive vacuum excavation range. Designed and built to endure any work site, anywhere in the world. The HDV16000 Semi-trailer tanker is the most versatile hydro excavation solution in the STG Global range, allowing more time to be spent on site and less time travelling to waste stations.

Featuring a wirelessly controlled 6-inch full hydraulic boom with 6 axis of movement, there is no spot too hard to reach. The HDV16000 incorporates an LED light kit that includes engine room LED strip lighting, boom LED spotlight, LED taillights and side clearance lights for maximum safety when operating at night.

The wireless system has the capability to operate up to 100 metres away to operate all features on the trailer.

The fully hot-dipped galvanised high strength tank has a working capacity of 16,000Litres of spoil and 5000Litres of onboard water. This allows for extended working duration, the spoil tank boasts three tank vibrators, allowing spoil to be removed from the tank quickly and effortlessly.

Powering the independent system is a Caterpillar Acert Industrial Engine which generates 141hp and backed by a worldwide support network to offer peace of mind when out on the road.

Driven off the Caterpillar is a high-quality Robuschi vacuum pump. The Robuschi pump is capable of reaching up to 2300CFM or cubic feet per minute of suction while its state-ofthe-art liquid ring design assures reduced water consumption, low noise and vibration. The versatility of dual operators and redundancy independent pump systems gives the HDV16000 the guarantee to get the job done.

With safety in front of mind, the HDV16000 allows for 3 points of contact while mounting the tanker for maintenance and inspection. The rear run under safety bar provides protection from tail-end collisions in the unlikely event of an accident. For your convenience, STG Global have also fitted storage to both sides of the tanker, allowing room for the 5 metres of boom hose and 20 metres of 4’ tiger tail hose.

The HDV16000 is built using only high-quality stainless-steel & galvanised fittings throughout, including electric hose reel, storage pipes & rear spill guard. This ensures the longevity of our products and is backed by “12-month unlimited KM warranty and worldwide roadside support”.

For a smoother ride and reduced wear and tear, the semi-trailer is fitted with air suspension while the module has a fully independent air system, for operation independent from the prime mover.

The HDV16000 was built with durability and reliability in mind to conquer the Hydro-Excavation industry. This module ticks all of the boxes and also has a range of optional extras to suit your needs.