Kenn-Feld Group partners with Foresight Intelligence

Kenn-Feld Group, a large Ohio-based John Deere Ag and Turf dealership, has partnered with Foresight Intelligence to implement Foresight Intelligence Center (FIC) and Financial Reporting System (FRS) — their business intelligence solution that turns dealership data into actionable insights — across their network of eight locations in Indiana and Ohio.

FIC aggregates dealership business data into an interactive real-time dashboard, which focuses on delivering actionable insights from key business metrics. Kenn-Feld also will be exclusively using FRS for its financial reporting. The FRS consolidates all financial information into one easy to use system, which securely distributes the information to the right people at the right time.

Tracy Torngren, Foresight Intelligence account manager said, “We’re helping Kenn-Feld Group stay on top of their business. We provide training based on what they want their employees to focus on — creating personalized dashboards and metrics to meet their goals. Training is all web based, and we can get them implemented, trained and live within 30 days.”

Kenn-Feld Group chose Foresight Intelligence after evaluating a number of business intelligence solutions due to the company’s understanding of the Ag and Turf business, and the product’s ability to easily deploy information to specific individuals, teams, departments and locations in real-time.

“We’re excited to partner with Foresight Intelligence. They deliver the insights we’re looking for with the information and data that can help us work more efficiently. It’s great that all of the information is in one, easy to use dashboard and is customizable. Foresight Intelligence really understands dealerships, and it shows through their products,” said Brent Schmidlapp, IT director at Kenn-Feld Group.

About Foresight Intelligence

Foresight Intelligence Center is designed to deliver custom tailored insight for construction-focused dealerships and, with more than 20,000 users across the United States and Canada, is fast becoming an industry standard business intelligence solution for agriculture, heavy equipment, and material handling dealerships. Its newest product, Fleet Intelligence, delivers telematics-based insights to managers of mixed heavy equipment and over-the-road fleets.

source: Company brand press office