Liebherr offers intelligent assistance systems for its XPower wheel loaders

Liebherr offers intelligent assistance systems for its XPower wheel loaders

Liebherr offers a comprehensive package of multiple intelligent assistance systems for its XPower large wheel loaders. These systems include the new active rear person recognition and a sensor-supported, integrated tyre pressure monitoring system.

With these and other assistance systems, Liebherr is able to offer integrated solutions for optimising safety and comfort in day-to-day wheel loader operation. All systems have been developed by Liebherr and are therefore fully integrated into the machine control.

The active rear person recognition helps prevent accidents that result in personal injury. Courtesy of Liebherr.

Another Liebherr wheel loader world première is a new intuitive steering system that is available for all mid and large series models.

From the smallest wheel loader, the L 506 Compact, to the largest model, the L 586 XPower, Liebherr will be displaying a cross-section of all-wheel loader size classes at bauma 2019.

Active rear person recognition helps prevent accidents that result in personal injury

Liebherr’s new assistance systems increase comfort and safety in daily operation in a range of ways. One of their advantages is that they enable machine operators to concentrate more on operating their Liebherr wheel loader by removing additional distractions. For example, the active rear person recognition automatically provides a warning on the machine display and sounds acoustic signals if there is danger in the wheel loader’s rear area. A special feature of this system is that it uses sensors to automatically differentiate between people and objects with the aid of sensors.

If a person moves in the area behind the machine, the system alerts the machine operator. The active rear person recognition is activated at a greater distance than warning systems for inanimate objects such as walls or columns. The operator, therefore, receives a more precise warning if there is a risk of personal injury. The active rear person recognition thereby avoids an overload of warning signals, which in turn reduces the burden on the machine operator. The risk of serious accidents is reduced.

Integrated tyre pressure monitoring system increases tyre lifetime

Tyres are among the most expensive wearing parts on a wheel loader. Incorrect tyre pressure leads to increased wear and rising fuel consumption and results in high costs. Other negative consequences are stability limitations and reduced manoeuvrability. It is therefore important to address potential tyre pressure problems in good time. Liebherr offers a newly integrated tyre pressure monitoring system for this purpose. It detects tyre pressure deficiencies early, ensures good manoeuvrability and increases the lifetime of the tyres.

With the aid of sensors, which are installed on the tyres and protected from damage, the system records the status of the tyres and indicates this on the machine display. If there are deviations from optimal tyre pressure, the machine operator receives a warning notification on the display. The operator can, therefore, act early if there is insufficient pressure or excessive temperature levels in order to avoid safety risks and high associated costs. The integrated tyre pressure monitoring system is available as standard for many wheeled earthmovers and container handling machines across the Liebherr group of companies.

The integrated tyre monitoring system helps increase the lifetime of tyres. Courtesy of Liebherr.

New stereo loaders are premium machines in the small wheel loader sector

For decades, Liebherr’s stereo loaders have been widely recognised as productive premium machines in the small wheel loader sector.

All models are available in a Speeder version on request. In this version, stereo loaders can reach a top speed of up to 40 km/h. This helps operators save time and enables them to move their wheel loader from one operation to the next quickly.

The new highly manoeuvrable Liebherr L 507 and L 509 stereo loaders will be available with Stage V emission standards compliance. Courtesy of Liebherr.

The stereo steering developed by Liebherr is unique. It is an ideally balanced combination of articulated steering and rear-axle steering. It, therefore, combines the advantages of conventional articulated steering with the advantages of all-wheel steering. The resulting minimal turning circle is particularly practical when space is limited. The controlled rear axle enables Liebherr engineers to reduce the articulation angle of stereo loaders to 30 degrees. As a consequence, the centre of gravity remains in the centre of the machine even when transporting large loads, which increases stability.

Source: Liebherr