John Deere updates 6M series Tractors: more comfort, more visibility and better performance

John Deere updates 6M series Tractors: more comfort, more visibility and better performance

The John Deere cab model 6M Tractors are getting a significant makeover for 2020. The 6M Tractors will feature improvements in comfort, visibility, performance and technology.

The updated 6M Tractor cab provides a comfortable working environment for those long days with a car-like noise level (70 dbA) in all conditions. All-around visibility of 310 degrees from within the cab ensures accurate tractor placement, implement hook-up, and optimum tractor performance. Driver comfort is also enhanced by mechanical cab suspension and the proven Triple Link Suspension (TLS) front axle, while 360-degree LED lighting is optionally available for perfect illumination of night work.

The updated cab gives all-around visibility. Courtesy of John Deere

Guided by best-practice ergonomic principles, the design of the 6M tractor’s right-hand console and the compact CommandARM console is perfectly aligned with the updated Cornerpost display in the A-post. It’s a smoothly productive operator experience that is enclosed by more glass all around for a wide-open, unencumbered view.

The new Cornerpost display and its intuitive design eliminate the instrument cluster once surrounding the steering column while increasing forward-facing visibility and functionality.

Up to four mechanical or electronic selective control valves (SCVs) are available – the latter is a new option available for the first time on these tractors. Switches on the electrohydraulic joystick are fully programmable, and direction of travel can be changed on both this and the mechanical joystick via the PowrReverser push-button.

New technology is also available on the 6M models for customers seeking precision guidance, telematics and other features often found in larger or higher specification tractors. This includes factory-installed AutoTrac guidance, available for the first time on the small-frame models, and the addition of JDLink telematics to assist customers with fleet management, service updates and maintenance alerts.

Source: John Deere

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