Features and quality of the Hidromek HMK102B Supra Backhoe

Features and quality of the Hidromek HMK102B Supra Backhoe

The European-made construction equipment brand Hidromek offers a range of excavators, backhoe loaders, graders and wheel loaders.

New Hidromek HMK 102B Supra. Source: Autoline

Here is a bit of a closer look at the Hidromek HMK102B Supra Backhoe Loader.

Supra Series Backhoe Loaders come with dual LCD displays (front and rear) allowing the operator to easily check all gauges both in the loading and excavating position. When operating for long hours at a time this is a big plus – saving the operator from neck and backaches.

The machine is smooth to operate thanks to its 6-forward 3-reverse fully automatic transmission. Optional torque converter lock is automatically engaged in 5th and 6th gear providing great fuel economy.

The Supra comes standard with crane valves on both the front and rear cylinders. Hydraulic side shift is also included – which is a great tool as there is no need to shift manually.

The optional MSS (Motion Stabiliser System) works as a shock absorber on the loader lift cylinders. By dumping the shock that occurs when a full loader bucket is used on rough terrain it is comfortable to operate while not compromising on speed. The cab is also very spacious with more room front and rear than many other models on the market.

Another great feature is the TIPSHIFT button (Forward-Reverse Direction Control). This is provided so that the operator can apply both loader and forward-reverse commands from one single point. This is both safer and more comfortable as you don’t have to break contact with the steering and loader controls.

There is an extensive range of options including upgrading to the all-wheel steer version with four equal-size wheels, switchable between two-wheel, all-wheel and crab steering.

New Hidromek HMK 102B Supra. Source: Autoline

Also worth noting is Onetrak’s Guaranteed Trade Back offering on the entire Hidromek range providing peace of mind when making your equipment purchase.

Source: Onetrak