JCB embarks on an ambitious plan to break its own record developing Fastrac Two

JCB embarks on an ambitious plan to break its own record developing Fastrac Two

Farmers and contractors around the world have a rare opportunity to share in the success of JCB’s outstanding tractor speed record by securing a Special Edition of the Fastrac 4220 and 8330. But they will have to move fast themselves – just 25 examples of each model are being produced and dealers in Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia have been quick to place orders.

The enhanced appearance and equipment of the Special Edition tractors celebrates a remarkable achievement by a team of young JCB engineers and project partners.

In June 2019, JCB set a Guinness World Record for the fastest tractor at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire. Called Fastrac One, the tractor reached a speed of 166.7 kmh (103.6 mph) with motorbike racer and lorry mechanic Guy Martin in the driver’s seat. JCB then embarked on an ambitious plan to break its own record and developed Fastrac Two – which is 10% lighter and even more streamlined than its smaller brother. In October, Fastrac Two hit an astonishing peak speed of 247.5mh (153.771mph) on its way to recording an average of 217.6kmh (135.191mph) at Elvington.

JCB Agriculture Managing Director John Smith said: “The World record-setting WFT Fastrac is a remarkable piece of engineering and we are delighted to offer a select number of customers this unique opportunity to own a ‘World’s Fastest Tractor’ Special Edition Fastrac to share the celebration of this fantastic achievement.”

For the Special Edition tractors, the unique specification, features and capabilities of the standard Fastrac are enhanced inside and out with commemorative decals and additional equipment. External enhancements comprise a distinctive chromed exhaust stack, special ‘Union Flag’ decals on the cab rear three-quarter panels, and embossed ‘JCBWFT’ lettering on the toolbox.

As operators climb aboard the spacious Command Plus cab, they are greeted with the script ‘JCB Fastrac – Word’s Fastest Tractor’ etched into the doorway kick plate and woven into the grey door-to-door carpet. This script is also embossed into the leather upholstery of the two full-size seats, which have distinctive yellow edge panels and stitching to match. Operators also have the luxury of a JCB yellow-stitched leather-bound steering wheel with a ‘Fastrac at speed’ logo at its centre.

In addition, every Special Edition Fastrac 4220 and 8330 has a commemorative plaque identifying the tractor as one of just 25 examples of each model celebrating the record, along with a certificate of authenticity for the owner.

Source: JCB

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