Hyundai at the ConExpo with over 20 machines on display and two electric excavator demo

Hyundai at the ConExpo with over 20 machines on display and two electric excavator demo

Hyundai will display a full range of wheel loaders and excavators at ConExpo 2020, including new and enhanced models, new services under the Hyundai Intelligence Care brand, and two working prototypes of electric-powered compact excavators.

Source: HCEAMERICAS on youtube

Hyundai will introduce a new 25,000-pound wheel loader, a 20- to 24-ton crawler excavator, 9-ton compact excavator, and 26-ton material handler, as well as a new version of the HL975CVT wheel loader with a continuously variable transmission.

The collaboration between Hyundai and Cummins will see the introduction of “Cummins Performance Series” on both Hyundai wheel loader and excavator models to achieve compliance with the International Stage 5 emissions control standard.

Hyundai will feature new Hyundai Intelligence Care technologies: the new Hyundai Hi ASSIST option for HX series excavators that integrates a Trimble 3D machine-control system into the Hyundai control/monitor cluster, enabling remote setting of dig-site parameters to achieve more accurate digs, among several benefits.

Another new service, Hyundai Hi CARE, a platform that facilitates the support service between dealers and customers.

Electric-powered compact excavators meet needs for low noise, no emissions

At the indoor exhibit, Hyundai will show a working prototype of a Hyundai-electric-powered compact excavator; in the outdoor, you will see a prototype of the Cummins-electric-powered Hyundai R35E compact excavator at work. The electric-powered compact excavators decrease environmental and sound pollution.

Not only the electric-powered compact excavator will characterize the outdoor, but there will be also an HX220A excavator live demo machine that will be outfitted with Hi ASSIST. The HX220A is a Performance Series update of the HX220L.