The M480B mulcher contributes to critical fire hazard reduction in Australia

In October 2019, Tigercat & their Australian dealer, Onetrak offered the Tigercat M480B mulcher to the Forestry Corp NSW for a demonstration trail on the Sugar Pine succession plan project.

The M480B mulcher was utilised for site preparation and also to create a fire break buffer zone. Fast forward only a few months, and the Snowy Mountains and Riverina regions were hit incredibly hard by the 2020 bushfires. This video shows how this machine greatly contributed to critical fire hazard reduction and ultimately saved these trees from certain destruction. Contact your nearest Onetrak representative if you would like to find out more about this machine.

The M480B mulcher was utilised for site preparation and also to create a fire break buffer zone. Courtesy of Tigercat.

Source: Tigercat

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