[Job Story] Pro Crush chose RDO Equipment for its latest machinery purchase

[Job Story] Pro Crush chose RDO Equipment for its latest machinery purchase

Mobile crushing and screening business Pro Crush chose RDO Equipment after hearing about the level of support they offer customers – and Pro Crush owner Richard Hill says good support is more important than ever during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pro Crush staff continue to work with the addition of a new John Deere 844L Wheel Loader to their fleet. Pictured L-R Pro Crush Supervisor Anthony Wilson and Mark Delorn, Compliance Site Officer. Source: RDO Equipment 

Pro Crush is based on the Gold Coast and specializes in mobile crushing and screening for the construction and mining industry. After 13 years in business, Richard says he feels fortunate to be able to continue operating as a designated essential business during COVID-19 restrictions.

“There’s still a sense of uncertainty, which isn’t a great feeling for a business owner, but longer-term we’re looking okay, and hopefully there won’t be too much of a major impact on the business,”

“Suppliers like RDO Equipment make me feel secure because I know they have my back during this time and will be there on the other side of this for us, too.”

Richard started his business in 2007 with just two machines, gradually building it to the point where he now offers full contracting with over 50 machines.

When it came time to add another machine to his fleet, Richard decided to see for himself whether RDO could live up to its reputation for really supporting its customers.

“I liked the sound of how RDO was setting up their business here and how they treat their customers. I can see a lot of effort has been put into establishing them in the Australian market, so I was keen to give them a go and see for myself,” Richard says.

Richard purchased a John Deere 844L Wheel Loader to add to his large fleet of machines and he says he is impressed with its productivity and comfort.

The John Deere 844L Wheel Loader, with Net Power: 311 kW (417 hp) at 1,600 rpm; Bucket Capacity: 4.8–6.1 m3 (6.3–8.0 cu. yd.); Operating Weight: 33,943– 34,777 kg (74,831–76,670 lb.). Source: John Deere

“The size of the machine was exactly what I was looking for, as we’ll be using it for stockpiling crush material, loading dump trucks, and other general duties, so it needs to be tough, productive, and durable.”

“One thing the operators and I have noticed that really stands out is the cab. The drivers are always comfortable, thanks to simple things like the extra legroom, air-conditioning, and a heated seat. The visibility is great as well,” he says.

In terms of RDO’s service and support, Richard says they have been there since day one helping him with machine choice, and any questions he’s had before and after purchasing.

“The team at RDO has been great to deal with. They’ve always been upfront and honest with any questions I’ve had, and really helpful with machine delivery and handover. And I know they’re there now for any tech or service questions I may have. I’ve noticed they go the extra step for their customers, which I really appreciate.”

Source: RDO Equipment 

Eric Johnston
Eric Johnston
Eric Johnston is an Uptime Industries Consultant for OEC. He is based in New Jersey.