John Deere introduces C650 Air Cart for Australian small grains producers

John Deere introduces C650 Air Cart for Australian small grains producers

Australian small grains producers now have access to a greater range of air-seeding equipment suited to their unique production needs with the addition of the C650 Air Cart to the John Deere line-up.

Available in tow-behind or tow-between configurations, the C650 is ideally suited to growers seeking a mid to large size and smart seeding option with Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) capabilities (on the tow-between), to help achieve greater production and profitability.

The C650 Air Cart tow-behind.

“This cart fills a need for producers and contractors who are looking for an air cart with a capacity of more than 550 bushels, without having to make the leap up to our 850bu cart,” John Deere Production and Precision Ag Tactical Segment Manager, Marko Koelln said.

“The tow-between can also be configured for CTF three-meter spacing, which we know is important to many Australian growers across key production zones.”

The cart’s 650bu capacity, high-flotation tires and fill rate of up to 100bu per minute combine to bolster production efficiencies by allowing customers to seed more hectares per day, in less time.

John Deere’s commitment to innovation is also evident in the technology embedded across the C650’s functionality, and its capacity to be simply integrated into the broader John Deere seeding system designed to optimize seed to soil contact, maximize emergence and minimize input expenses.

“Key technologies include a durable, digital cart-side display to make filling and calibration push-button easy,”

Mr. Koelln said.

“ActiveCal is an on-the-go feature that allows operators to automatically calibrate meters right from the Gen 4 Display in the cab, while an integrated wiring harness provides connections for five-camera locations, one in each tank and a fifth that provides a rear-hitch view.”

The C650 also offers a liquid capable center tank for growers who choose to incorporate liquid fertilizer into their seeding operations. While liquid fertilizer distribution systems are not factory-installed options, they are available through John Deere Allied Supplier, Liquid Systems (SA).

Paul and Nicholas Lush have seen input savings of up to 10 per cent in demonstrations of the C650 tow-behind on their operation near Barabba, South Australia.

Input control is enhanced by the seeding accuracy provided by SectionCommand which manages seed and fertilizer application by minimizing overlaps and skips. AirPower 2 provides dual fans, one for seed and one for fertilizer, and with large, 7.6cm (3in) primaries, can accurately deliver product rates across the full width of even the widest air seeding tools, for consistent product application.

Additional features found on the larger John Deere C850 Cart are also included on the C650, including hydraulic rear disc brakes, in-tank camera mounts, in-tank lights, LED working lights, conveyor weather cover, and digital tank air pressure monitoring.

Results on show in Australian demo

Substantial reductions in input costs have been shown in a demonstration of the C650 tow-behind, with the Liquid Systems fertilizer distribution option fitted, at the Lush family’s 3000ha farming operation near Barabba in South Australia.

Here, three generations of Lush family members including Paul Lush, his father John and son Nicholas, grow wheat, canola, lentils, and faba beans. They do this across two closely located properties “Riverview” and “Adare” – where John has been since 1967.

The C650 Air Cart tow-between in action.

Paul Lush said following the recent demo he was confident the C650 was ideally matched to his seeding requirements, with John Deere Section Control delivering outstanding cost-saving benefits. Section Control improves the placement of agricultural inputs and reduces operator fatigue by automatically turning implement sections on and off.

“We had been using the John Deere 1910 tow-behind, however this new and larger offering just suits the size of our operation, while the technology in this machine is simply fantastic,” Mr. Lush said.

“Our calculations have shown us that we have reduced inputs by up to 10pc in some paddocks, and an average 5.5pc across the entire farm.

“When you add that up across seed, granular fertilizer and liquid inputs, that is a significant saving.”

Focus on delivering what growers need

“A priority of John Deere is consistently working with customers and the agricultural sector to monitor and respond to their needs so that we can be partners in driving a more profitable, efficient, and sustainable farm sector,” Mr. Koelln said.

“We are excited to make the C650 available for order and encourage producers to contact their trusted local dealer to talk through the machine in more detail.”

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