Building the Chacao bridge, the longest suspension bridge in South America.

In this brand new video, the cameras will show you the exclusive images of the offshore jobsite of one of the most ambitious and complex projects in recent years: the Chacao bridge project, which, once completed, will be the longest suspension bridge in South America.

You will discover, through the narration of those involved, the role of Trevi Chile and its team of experts and all the challenges faced over the last 3 years during the execution of the foundation works for the Chacao Bridge that will connect the continent with the island of Chiloè, located 1.100 km south of Santiago de Chile, in the Los Lagos Region.

When the project will be carried out, there will be no interruption between the continent and the Chiloé Island and the bridge will cut the time required to cross the channel from 30-45 to just 3 minutes.

The length of the bridge will be 2,574 m and will consists of three main pylons, one in the middle of the channel and two on each side, namely the North Pylon on the continent side and the South Pylon on the Chiloé’s side. The lights between the Central and North Pylons will stretch for 1,553 m , while the ones between the Central and South Pylons will cover a 1,055m length.

TREVI CHILE SPA was selected to carry out the foundations of the bridge piles; namely, the Central Pylon – already finished -, and the North and South Pylons that are currently being built. The foundation works of the central pylon consisted in the execution of 36 piles with 2.5 m wide diameters and lengths of 54 m for type 1 piles and 58 m for types 2 and 3 approximately, each of them excavated from a Jack Up barge.

Source: Company Brand Press Office