[Video] Horton’s Adds Newest RCV2000 To Its Front-Engine Range of Solutions

During a time when efficient extraction and transfer of resources may be more important than ever, Horton’s newest technology is helping mines around the globe save on fuel, increase uptime, lower emissions and reduce noise.

Source: Horton

The Roseville, Minnesota-based engine cooling leader unveiled its state-of-the-art RCV2000 variable-speed fan drive. The RCV2000 is part of a line of comprehensive front-engine solutions for large-bore diesel applications, including mine haul trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, graders, dozers and generator sets.

“Horton has spent years working hand-in-hand with mining OEMs to develop cooling solutions that provide ultimate reliability, even in the most extreme conditions”,

Horton CEO and President Cordell Dietz said. “We know mining leaders are focused on maximizing extraction revenues and lowering costs. Our strategic shift into the industry helps them achieve both of those objectives.

Source: Horton