Case IH expands soil management portfolio

Case IH expands soil management portfolio

Tillage technology and soil management tools, including a new S-tine field cultivator, promote a healthy soil profile

To help producers create a high-efficiency seedbed and accommodate the unique agronomic needs of their fields, Case IH continues to expand its soil management solutions lineup. The new Case IH Vibra-Tine 265 S-tine field cultivator effectively works high-clay and timber soils with proven S-tine technology to create a high-efficiency seedbed. For machines equipped with AFS Soil Command agronomic control technology, producers can now make stabilizer wheel position adjustments right from the tractor cab. Providing more options to fit each field, Case IH is also adding a new 27-foot configuration for the Speed-Tiller high-speed disk.

Built on Agronomic Design principles, every Case IH soil management tool is designed to promote a healthy soil profile and create the field conditions necessary for greater yields. Ensuring optimum residue management, ideal soil tilth, a smooth field surface, and consistent seedbed floor, agronomic performance sets the Case IH soil management lineup apart from competitive units.

Chris Lursen, Case IH tillage marketing manager, said:

“At Case IH, we’re dedicated to giving producers the options, technology, and agronomic solutions they need to meet their unique needs. We know that no two fields are the same. With more options and configurations, as well as technology advancements and new capabilities, producers can equip themselves with the tools needed to create a high-efficiency seedbed in their field conditions and boost productivity on their operation.”

Designed to effectively work tough high-clay and timber soils, the Case IH Vibra-Tine™ 265 S-tine field cultivator is equipped with proven S-tine shank technology to create a high-efficiency seedbed in one spring pass.

New Vibra-Tine S-tine field cultivator

Case IH is bringing the Vibra-Tine 265 S-tine field cultivator to its lineup of soil management solutions. This tool is designed to take on tough high-clay and timber soils often found in geographic areas such as Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, and Ontario, Canada. In one spring pass, vibrating technology delivers optimal clod-sizing, smooth field finish, and a high-efficiency seedbed that promotes accurate seed placement and uniform emergence.

Lursen said:

“We’re excited to bring the Vibra-Tine 265 S-tine field cultivator to the Case IH lineup to better match the agronomic needs of producers who must effectively work heavy soils. S‑tine technology is proven to break through residue and shatter hardened soil, making it an effective and reliable solution to help maximize yield potential.”

The Vibra-Tine S-tine field cultivator is designed with six ranks of S-tines and effective 4-inch shank spacing to provide optimal clod-sizing in tough conditions. This design, along with a high 24-inch frame clearance, allows for maximum residue flow without plugging.

To increase producers’ productivity in the field, single-point hydraulic depth control provides quick and easy adjustments to accommodate changing field conditions. A front T-hitch allows tight and efficient turning when space is at a premium.

The field cultivator is built to last with shanks that can withstand a variety of soils, while a proven tube-through design with 4-inch square tubing walls is high-strength for an open, yet durable, frame. S-tine shank options include the standard two-piece coil or a heavy-duty two-piece coil that delivers more holding power as well as more ground clearance. The S-tine shanks are built with high-quality alloy steel to ensure the longevity of tines and wearing parts.

New for spring 2021 season of use, producers can make adjustments to stabilizer wheel position from the tractor cab with AFS Soil Command™ agronomic control technology.

AFS Soil Command stabilizer wheel position control

To optimize the productivity of every tillage pass, producers can now make stabilizer wheel adjustments from the tractor cab with AFS Soil Command agronomic control technology. Proper stabilizer wheel position is often ignored but is critical to achieving a level and smooth seedbed from surface to floor. The stabilizer wheel position is coordinated with any depth adjustment made to ensure machine stability and a smooth seedbed. When the operator adjusts the depth of the machine, all other functions of the machine, including fore/aft leveling, Crumbler downforce, and now stabilizer wheels, will coordinate to desired settings.