AGCO Adds New Economical Compact Tractors to its Lineup

AGCO Adds New Economical Compact Tractors to its Lineup

AGCO Corporation, a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, announces a new family of economical compact tractors ― the Massey Ferguson 1800E and 2800E Series.

The new lineup replaces the 1700E and 2700E Series and includes five models ranging from 24 to 57.3 engine horsepower. All are equipped with dependable Iseki diesel engines, offer greater hydraulic capacity and sport the bold new styling common across the Massey Ferguson tractor line.

These new tractors are engineered and built for heavy-duty jobs and tough applications. A cast steel rear end and cast front axle, 4-wheel drive and high-capacity hydraulics provide the weight, muscle and traction to tackle demanding jobs, such as transporting round bales, skidding logs or moving heavy gravel, topsoil and other bulk materials. The E Series can be equipped with a broad range of implements and attachments, making them an economical and versatile choice for property owners, livestock producers, landscapers, hobby farms, municipalities and commercial contractors.

“The E Series tractors are powerful, easy to operate and offer a down-to-earth price that will appeal to budget-minded customers”,

says Jeffrey Ratliff, AGCO tactical marketing manager. “Plus, these heavy-duty, no-nonsense work horses provide capabilities you might only expect from larger-horsepower utility tractors.”

Leading the lineup is the 1825E. It features a naturally aspirated 1.49-liter, 3-cylinder diesel engine producing 24 horsepower. The 1835E and 1840E feature turbocharged 1.83-liter, 3-cylinder engines that provide 34.5 and 39.4 engine horsepower, respectively. The larger-chassis 2850E and 2860E models are each equipped with a brawny 2.43-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, delivering 48.8 and 57.3 engine horsepower. Liquid-cooled for increased durability, the clean-burning Iseki engines meet final Tier IV emissions standards and can be found in specialized equipment used worldwide in a broad range of demanding ag, turf and commercial applications.

The rugged Iseki diesel engines provide significant advantages”, according to Ratliff.

“They deliver outstanding fuel efficiency, tremendous power, torque and reliability. Plus, they are easy to service and maintain.”

Hydraulic performance gets a boost

New E Series compact tractors offer up to 18 percent greater hydraulic capacity than the previous generation. The dual-pump high-flow system provides more responsive power at low engine speeds, allowing operators to throttle back to reduce noise, while maintaining full steering and implement function and control.

Open station offers convenient, easy-to-use controls

All E Series models feature an open station with a wide, uncluttered platform to provide ample room and comfort for the operator. All controls are logically arranged, easy to reach and simple to understand ‒ advantages beginning operators will appreciate.

The E Series compact tractors also benefit from an updated design with a newly styled hood and fresh decals, reflecting the look of larger Massey Ferguson utility and row-crop tractors. Operators can still count on the solid metal hood and fenders, which are stronger and less susceptible to damage than plastic hoods found on other compact tractors.

Choice of simple mechanical or smooth hydrostatic transmissions

The E Series compacts are standard equipped with a proven 8F x 8R Synchro Shuttle transmission. This rugged mechanical-gear transmission provides a wide range of working and transport speeds from 0.8 to 16.6 mph (1.4 to 26.8 km/h), depending on tire size and type. It’s an ideal choice when performing jobs such as mowing or rotary tilling, when consistent working speeds must be maintained. A handy forward/reverse mechanical shuttle shift provides easy direction changes – great for loader work.

An optional 3-range hydrostatic transmission also is available. Simple and convenient, it allows the operator to reach the speed needed within each range without shifting gears.

The 1800E models offer a Category I rear 3-point hitch, while the 2800E models are equipped with a Cat. I/II 3-point hitch with up to 2,425 lb. lift capacity, providing compatibility with dozens of implements, including the Massey Ferguson FL Series loaders and BH and CB backhoes, depending on the model. Third-function loader control enables the use of a wide array of skid-steer attachments, such as root grapples and 4-in-1 buckets. A 540 rpm rear PTO is standard.

For customers looking for a practical, simple-to-operate and maintain tractor, the E Series has a lot to offer”, Ratliff says.

Whether you own an acreage with a few horses, a dozen cattle or half-dozen food plots, or you’re the equipment manager of a municipality or township with miles of roadsides to mow, the E Series tractors offer powerful, dependable choices, sold and supported by a dealer network with a keen focus on the small tractor market.