[Job Story] A Tadano ATF 200G-5 at Work for Armstrong Crane & Rigging in British Columbia

[Job Story] A Tadano ATF 200G-5 at Work for Armstrong Crane & Rigging in British Columbia

Armstrong Crane & Rigging Inc. takes pride in its family values, quality operators and customer service.

“Family translates into work ethic,” says Greg Nachtegaele, whose father, Dave, started the business in 1992 in the Okanagan region in British Columbia with a 50-ton truck crane. Greg adds,

Our customers are treated like family, and they know we are reliable. They see the pride we take in our service and equipment, and they appreciate the planning and detail that goes into each job.

With demand for larger and more complex projects growing in their service region, Armstrong Crane & Rigging determined they needed a crane in its fleet that would position them as competitive bidders for these higher-capacity jobs.

It seemed like our clientele always asked about something a little bit further, a little bit bigger – things like bigger precast panel installation and tower crane erection,

says Greg Nachtegaele. Above all, the Nachtegaeles knew they needed a crane that was reliable and that would bring new lifting opportunities to catalyze the growth of their business. Dave and Greg put their trust into a Tadano ATF 200G-5.

This new 220-ton capacity Tadano all terrain crane with its 197-foot boom and integrated heavy lift jib was put immediately to work on cell towers, roads, and bridges. “Where we used to have to subcontract some larger lifts, now that business will stay in-house”, says Greg.

Armstrong Crane & Rigging has owned an 18-ton Tadano boom truck for years and was impressed with the quality of service received from Tadano’s Leduc (Alberta) office. That trust in Tadano helped lead to the purchase of the industry-leading ATF 200G-5. The team at Armstrong Crane & Rigging was impressed by how easy the 220-ton machine is to operate, its drivability, the lift adjuster feature, and how effective the Intarder feature performs on the steep winding roads of the Okanagan Valley. A custom-built Transworld 3-axle dolly has also helped achieve the ideal axle weights needed for customers in British Columbia.

Our operators really like how intuitive the AML-F Crane Control System is. The machine has a great feel,” says Greg Nachtegaele. He has also been pleased with the flexibility of the crane, which can be run with multiple effective setups – jib mounted, aux winch-mounted or base-plate mounted, while always retaining legal axle weights. Greg adds:

The ATF 200G-5 is simply a perfect all-around machine for a crane rental company that never knows what the next lift is going to be.