John Deere Updates 8 Series Tractors for Model Year 2022

John Deere Updates 8 Series Tractors for Model Year 2022

Today’s farmers are adopting new practices to gain every production advantage possible. To help address these needs, John Deere has updated its 8 Series Tractors for model year 2022 by building on a strong foundation of existing technology and offering new solutions with single-dealer support of specialized options.

8R Tractors can be equipped with the optional Central Tire Inflation System for tire pressure adjustments from the cab. Source: John Deere

The 8 Series includes wheel 8R, two-track 8RT and four-track 8RX models.

New specialized options for 8R Tractors include the Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) and for 8RX Tractors, ExactRate Tractor Tanks. These options save time, reduce costs, and help farmers cover more acres per day during critical times of the growing season.

Adjusting tire pressure on large tractors takes time and can require extra equipment that can compromise tire pressures when switching between transport and field operations. John Deere CTIS simplifies this process on 8R Tractors equipped with Independent Link Suspension (ILS). When the “road” setting is selected, CTIS increases air pressure in the tires which increases transport efficiency and reduces tire wear for improved transport, ride quality and handling. Alternatively, when the “field” setting is chosen, CTIS decreases air pressure to create a larger footprint with more lug engagement that reduces slip and ground pressure for enhanced agronomic benefits.

“Using CTIS, operators can monitor and adjust tire pressure as quick as 2 PSI/min, from the cab, push-button easy”,

Ryan Jardon, tactical marketing manager for John Deere said. “CTIS makes it easy to adjust and optimize inflation pressures regardless of the task.”

Another specialized John Deere solution makes it simple for farmers to apply higher rates of fertilizer while planting and cover up to 80 acres between fills (at 20 gallons/acre), while using an 8RX Tractor equipped with the new integrated 1,000-gallon-capacity ExactRate Tractor Tanks and a John Deere planter with 600-gallon tanks. Previously, farmers would have needed to stop more often or add large, external commodity tanks to their tractor to achieve such high levels of planting productivity.

Wheel 8R Tractors are available in seven models ranging from 230 to 410 horsepower. Soure: John Deere

Customers looking for more agronomic benefits at planting, such as improved flotation, can pair an 8RX equipped with ExactRate Tractor Tanks with a John Deere planter on tracks and maintain ground pressure under 15 PSI. The 8RX four-track reduces ground compaction up to 14% compared to wheel tractors with third-party tanks, even while carrying the extra payload.

“Third-party tanks can add extra width to the tractor, making it difficult for operators to enter and exit the cab, and they impede visibility“, Jardon said.

ExactRate Tractor Tanks are a factory solution backed by John Deere dealers and provide greater customer convenience, outstanding visibility and plenty of room to enter and exit the cab. The tanks provide seamless fluid transfer to the planter since the plumbing and tank hardware are factory installed. This fully integrated system is monitored and controlled using the John Deere Generation 4 Display.

All 8 Series Tractors offer industry-leading operator comfort, visibility and technology with your choice of three available Comfort and Convenience packages and three Visibility packages with multiple lighting configurations.

John Deere 8RX Tractors can be equipped with new integrated 1,000-gallon-capacity ExactRate Tractor Tanks. Source: John Deere

All 8 Series Tractors come factory equipped with JDLink connectivity, plus an integrated StarFire 6000 GPS receiver, Generation 4 CommandCenter display and AutoTrac guidance. These technologies enable the operator to reduce overlap and maximize inputs all with less stress. JDLink comes with 5 years of service, making it easy for customers to take advantage of the benefits of a connected machine, which includes machine-to-machine communication; streaming machine, field, and crop information to the John Deere Operations Center and for John Deere Connected Support. These integrated technologies help farmers save time and reduce costs.

The factory-installed Automation 4.0 capabilities drive season-long benefits. For example, AutoTrac Turn Automation and MachineSync enable consistent operations on headlands and when multiple machines work together, such as in seeding, when two tractors are working in a field together. Automation 4.0 also enables AutoPath for farmers to accurately document and precisely follow each row of crops in fields throughout the season,

Jardon said. Using data collected from the first pass in the field, either strip-till or planting, AutoPath establishes precise guidance lines for all subsequent field passes, no matter the machine type or width of the equipment. This makes it easy to find the right row, reduces overlaps and damage to standing crops, and eliminates the need for guess rows.

John Deere 8RX 410 Tractor fitted with ExactRate Tractor Tanks pulling a 1775 NT Planter. Source: John Deere

Wheel 8R Tractors are available in seven models ranging from 230 to 410 horsepower to pull large planters and tillage equipment. Multiple front-axle choices are available and include mechanical front-wheel-drive (MFWD) or ILS that puts more power to the ground and improves ride and operator comfort.

Four models of two-track 8RT Tractors are offered from 310 to 410 horsepower, with the widest range of available row-spacing adjustability, ranging from 72 to 160 inches in 4-inch increments. Two-track tractors provide a 23% larger footprint with less ground pressure and lower slip values compared to wheel tractors, making them ideal for row-crop work, straight-line pulling, and broad-acre tillage. AirCusion axle suspension is standard and when combined with the tractor”s 4-post cab suspension provides excellent in-field ride quality.

Four-track 8RX Tractors combine the comfort and maneuverability of a wheel tractor with the pulling performance and flotation of a track tractor. This combination makes them ideal for pulling large implements in row-crop or small grain fields. Four 8RX models are available from 310 to 410 horsepower.

Depending on the tractor, customers can choose from multiple transmission options to best fit their needs. Transmission options include a 16-speed PowerShift; e23 PowerShift, or the Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) with optional CommandPRO control that puts critical implement and tractor controls in the palm of the operator. The e23 PowerShift and IVT are capable of transport speeds up to 31 mph.

Source: John Deere