An Insight into the New Cat 816 Landfill Compactor

An Insight into the New Cat 816 Landfill Compactor

Building on a nearly 50-year legacy of delivering maximum compaction performance and rugged durability, the new Cat 816 Landfill Compactors features improved guarding and structure engineering to optimize uptime availability. New grouping of service points reduces time spent on maintenance, while the compactor’s updated cab design increases operator comfort and productivity.

Cat 816 Landfill Compactor

Alleviating potential damage, new frame deflectors divert trash away from the frame and hood enclosure. A new captive hinge on the service doors prevents them from opening unintentionally to protect interior components from contamination. These new deflectors and doors ensure fewer failures resulting from the severe nature of landfill applications.

Up to 12% lower maintenance

The new 816 compactor features improved airflow technology to reduce cleaning and maintenance. A new radial air filter lasts four times longer than the previous filter, and operators are alerted to airflow blockages by an electronic air inlet restriction indicator. A screened air inlet deflects trash from entering the radiator area to help maintain proper airflow, while an auto-reversing fan with manual activation capability purges debris buildup.

Sight gauges for the coolant, transmission oil and hydraulic system provide quick inspection with reduced contamination risk. Grouped hydraulic oil, cooler, fuel cooler and condenser service points, along with centralized grease points, help to further minimize maintenance time. Access to the emergency shutdown, battery disconnect and jump start are quickly and conveniently accessed from ground level.

The heavy-duty main structures of the new 816 are built to be rebuilt, offering multiple life cycles. Reusing and rebuilding machine components offers significant savings compared to the cost of buying new and helps to lower total cost of ownership.

Cat 816 Landfill Compactor

Advancing operator productivity

The compactor’s cab delivers greater comfort and easier machine control for higher operator productivity. Machine controls include membrane switch panels, keyed ignition and electrohydraulic parking brake control switch to increase efficiency. Updates to the single Cat STIC system allow for shorter, faster cycles to reduce operator fatigue and increase performance. The STIC system combines steering, gear selection and other functions into a single lever.

The cab sits on isolation mounts and features a new Premium Plus seat with leather finish, forced air heating and cooling, two-way thigh adjustment, power lumbar and back bolster adjustment, and dynamic end dampening for total comfort throughout the workday. Pressurized to lower interior sounds levels and keep contamination and odors out, the cab features an automatic climate control system that maintains the operator’s preferred temperature settings.

Operators are kept informed about machine operating conditions via a 3G touchscreen with user-friendly interface for viewing the Vital Information Management System (VIMS) to optimize machine uptime. Fleet management is further improved through Cat Link technology that provides online access through VisionLink to critical machine data such as machine location, hours, fuel consumption, idle time and diagnostic codes. Cat Compact saves on fuel and machine wear and allows the operator to achieve higher compaction densities through in-cab guidance, machine position reporting and completed pass count. The machine’s standard review camera elevates safety for operators and workers onsite.

Cat 816 Landfill Compactor

Proven, efficient powertrain

The new purpose-built Cat 816 Landfill Compactor is powered by the field-proven Cat C7.1 engine designed for maximum fuel economy and increased power density. Two engine package options are available – U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V and Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent – for meeting local market emission standard requirements. Its Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System (APECS) transmission control delivers improved shifting performance, achieves greater momentum on grades and saves on fuel by carrying that momentum through shift points.

Designed specifically for Cat compactors, Paddle and Plus wheel tips deliver high compaction performance and traction. Striker bars and available cleaner fingers help to keep wheels free of debris, so compaction is more efficient and yields higher densities.