AGCO Announces Innovative Precision Ag Line Program to Support Service for Farmers

AGCO Corporation, announced today the pilot of its Precision Ag Line (PAL) program, a tool designed to streamline support services for farming customers using AGCO solutions with mixed-fleet operations.

PAL makes precision farming expertise available to farmers using products from widely-used AGCO brands such as Challenger, Fendt, Gleaner, Massey Ferguson, and Precision Planting, even when those products are used in conjunction with equipment from other manufacturers. The result is more efficient solutions that lead to satisfied customers and improved farming outcomes.

Cody Light, field execution manager for AGCO’s Fuse division affirms:

“Precision farming techniques can become complicated, especially when products from multiple manufacturers are used to accomplish them.PAL puts farmers in direct touch with our technical experts who are very experienced at aligning disparate systems into effective processes. This program is directly aimed at ensuring our customers have the best farming outcomes and exceptional customer experiences with our products along the way.”

Cody Light, field execution manager for AGCO’s Fuse division

PAL leverages the AgriSync platform to ensure a seamless experience for farmers, dealers, and AGCO’s technicians. The tool aligns with the dealer’s current support system – usually an existing customer service number – to streamline access to the service. Customers of participating AGCO dealers simply call or text a familiar number to speak with product and technical experts at the dealership or AGCO itself for immediate assistance from some of the industry’s most capable precision ag specialists. PAL is currently being piloted with several members of AGCO’s North American dealership network. Experiences so far have been very positive and helpful to its ongoing development. The company plans to expand the program to additional locations in 2021 and 2022.