Fendt Showcases TeachIn Turn Assistant to Guarantee Exclusive Automation for Headland Turns

Fendt Showcases TeachIn Turn Assistant to Guarantee Exclusive Automation for Headland Turns

 AGCO Corporation, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, introduces its latest automation feature – the Fendt TeachIn (TI) Turn Assistant, which enables “hands-free” turning in the headland at the end of the field. The new Turn Assistant joins the Fendt TI Headland package, a defined sequence of automated steps to complete a seamless turn. The addition of automatic turning allows the operator to focus on other aspects of the field work and ensures each pass is perfectly executed.

“We want to alleviate some of the stress farmers face when they are spending long days in the field. The Fendt TI Headland program helps our customers manage their equipment in the field with less fatigue. Automating the complete turn helps prevent overlapping turns in the field, reduces the use of fuel and overuse of crop inputs and creates less soil disturbance and soil compaction.”

says Cody Light, senior manager, Americas, Fuse Go-to-Market.

High-precision, accurate turn sequences maximize productivity

To manually complete a headland turn, operators need to do several things at once – including raising the implement, slowing the tractor and making the turn at just the right place and time. In 2020, Fendt introduced TI Headland, an advanced headland management bundle that allows operators to define a turn-operating sequence at the headland boundary based on the tractor and implement being used.

When the tractor reaches the field’s headland boundary, Fendt TI Headland will activate the steps to prepare for the turn by slowing the tractor and raising the implement. Fendt TI Turn Assistant then turns the tractor and implement hands-free.

“We have two primary modes to operate the Fendt TI Turn Assistant. First is the manual start, which is a simple button push to activate the turn either left or right into the next wayline. Manual start is a great way to begin and get a feel for how this system can operate and some of the features and benefits it can bring. The second mode is automatic start, which automatically turns the tractor on the wayline without any operator assistance once it is active.”

Light says.

Improved accuracy using new, Part Field pattern

Two patterns are available in automatic start mode. The first is the U-Turn pattern, which allows the operator to set the pass pattern across the field. Operators can choose a single row turn or set the pass pattern to skip rows.

The second automatic start pattern is the Part Field pattern, a Fendt-exclusive innovation and a new feature for North American farmers. This pattern allows the operator to work the field in smaller sections by completing all passes in a section before moving to the next.

“Part Field mode allows operators to use hands-free turning and assists with closing gaps or preventing major overlaps due to natural drift caused by GPS satellite movement”

Light says.

Light explains that when operators use the automatic U-turn pattern and skip passes across large fields, by the time they turn back across the field, there may be gaps or major overlaps due to the natural drift of the guidance system over 1-2 hours.

“Using a less accurate GPS satellite navigation source, like WAAS, with the U-Turn pattern over a large area can cause the waylines to naturally shift, creating “rabbit trails” or skipped areas when doing something like fall tillage.Breaking the field into smaller sections using the Part Field pattern ensures there are no major overlaps or skips within the tillage operation.”

Automated functions drive efficiencies

At a time when farmers are spending more hours working in the fields with their tractors, they also need to mitigate health issues like fatigue. The Fendt TI Headland package allows farmers to work longer hours and concentrate on farm business while in the tractor without having to worry about the complicated steps required to manually turn a tractor and implement at the end of each pass.

“Fendt TI Headland also enhances operator skill level. At a time when skilled workers are in short supply, this program allows farmers to bring in lesser skilled workers and help make them into professional operators. They don’t have to time when to start or stop the headland turn. The Fendt Guide system takes over the tractor operation and will make the pass efficiently and consistently every time.”

Light says.

Fendt TI Headland also allows farmers to manage their land more efficiently. It helps in reducing soil compaction by disturbing less soil in the headlands because the machine makes each turn precisely. It also reduces tractor wear and tear and improves fuel consumption by avoiding unnecessary turns or overlapping errors, and it saves turning time, since no additional maneuvering is needed.

AGCO continues to innovate smart farming features

Fendt Turn Assistant is now available on tractors with Fendt Guide on the Vario terminal. Older Fendt tractors with the Profi+ trim package with VarioGuide can be upgraded to Fendt Guide with a visit to a local Fendt dealership.

Fendt continues to lead the way in building farmer-focused equipment. Fendt first-to-market innovations lead the way, including the Fendt stepless VarioDrive continuously variable transmission (CVT), VarioGrip tire inflation and deflation technology, the Fendt IDEAL combine with the IDEALdrive joystick, AutoDock header docking systems for Fendt IDEAL combines, Load Logic technology on Fendt Momentum planters, the brand new FendtONE operator interface and more.