Terex Utilities Upgrades Fleet Horizon Platform to Increase Parts Supplement Service

Terex Utilities has added a new tool in its Fleet Horizon platform to increase convenience for customers who need to order parts related to annual and recommended inspections. Fleet Horizon is the company’s integrated equipment and service dashboard, which enables customers to have access to information about the units in their fleet throughout the lifetime of the equipment. In addition, customers can customize the notifications they receive, schedule service, buy parts, view product or safety bulletins, or track orders.

After receiving an email reminder about upcoming required or recommended inspections, the customer can either schedule an inspection with a Terex Service Center or order the parts right from the Fleet Horizon dashboard to perform the work themselves.

“In order to take the guesswork out of the process, Terex Utilities will pre-select the common parts needed for the specific unit and the type of inspection. They can either select the entire parts kit or purchase specific parts,”

said Alicia Haich, Fleet Horizon Administrator.

“Fleet Horizon was developed in cooperation with customers to make sure that the information available is pertinent and easy to find, empowering customers to manage their fleets as it suits their needs. Making parts pickable in a kit format further simplifies the parts ordering process in the Terex Utilities eCommerce platform.”

said Haich.