Trail King Adds New Zinc Rich Primer As Standard

Trail King Adds New Zinc Rich Primer As Standard

Trail King Industries, Inc. the leading North American trailer manufacturer of open deck and materials hauling trailers serving a wide variety of markets, is pleased to announce the addition of zinc rich primer as the standard on each and every piece of equipment. This change will provide maximum corrosion protection to deliver outstanding corrosion resistance for steel surfaces.

Trail King has invested many hours of research and testing to determine the best finishes to perform as the industry leader. This coating is formulated to be a high performance primer with excellent adhesion and outstanding solvent and chemical resistance.

· Performance: Tough, high-performance topcoat offers a high quality appearance and exceptional color retention. In general, performance, such as impact resistance and flexibility are increased with these finishes.

· Corrosion Resistance: Superior corrosion protection with zinc primer technology. Reduced rust creep and higher durability with improved mechanical strength and crack resistance.

· Life Expectancy: Extend the productivity and useful life of your trailer while increasing its future resale value. Parts resist cracking, peeling, and marring during handling and normal service use.

VP of Sales & Marketing, Rick Farris, says:

“Trail King spares no effort or expense to ensure that each trailer has a paint finish that is durable, beautiful and offers incredible product protection. Our main goal is to help customers protect their investment with our unwavering commitment to excellence.”