Liebherr Launches New Digital Monitoring System for Excavators

Liebherr Launches New Digital Monitoring System for Excavators

With the condition monitoring system for slewing bearings, Liebherr has created a digital monitoring system. The integrated wear measurement system, bearing clearance monitoring (BCM), ensures optimum remote monitoring of the slewing bearings in various applications, such as mining, material handling or maritime equipment. The BCM system can be used to measure bearing wear in axial and radial directions, as well as tilting clearance. Such a remote diagnostics does not only ensure flexibility in measurement, but also reduced downtime, lower costs in maintenance and, above all, higher personal protection.

The danger zone of the excavator is located directly at the point, where the service personnel attach the measuring device during a manual measurement. • Image courtesy of Liebherr

More safety: No service personnel needed in the danger zone

The focus of digital remote clearance maintenance lies on personnel safety.

“A distinct disadvantage of all common wear measurement methods is the necessity for service technicians to mount dial gauges or other measuring devices directly on the slewing bearing in the danger zone under the excavator or other machines. The Liebherr BCM system makes this unnecessary, as the measuring devices are already permanently installed on the bearing.”

explains Wolfram Halder, product manager of the slewing bearings business unit.

Another advantage is flexibility in terms of time. Currently, machine operators commission external service providers to measure the bearing clearance. This makes them dependent on the experience and schedule of third-party companies.

“With digital maintenance for slewing bearings by Liebherr, measurements can be carried out at any time outside the danger zone, independently of external service providers,”

explains Wolfram Halder.

This is how Liebherr’s bearing clearance monitoring system works. • Image courtesy of Liebherr

Measurement within a few minutes: This is how the BCM by Liebherr works

How does it work? The right technology and the right connection make it happen. The sensor connection box receives the data from the sensors attached to the slewing bearing and supplies the entire BCM system with power. The gateway stores the sensor data and updates for the BCM. This allows using the system autonomously even in regions without data connection. This is the case in mines, for example, as these often do not have the necessary mobile reception. A direct connection via Bluetooth makes the measurement process possible from a safe distance and without a network connection. Smart, integrated and remote, the BCM system is a small helper with great effects.

Source: Liebherr