Tobroco-Giant Acquires Ulbo Machinery Expanding Its Compact Equipment Range

Tobroco-Giant Acquires Ulbo Machinery Expanding Its Compact Equipment Range

Tobroco Giant’s, the Dutch manufacturer of wheel loaders wants to grow into a full-liner in compact equipment. The acquisition of ULBO Machinery has resulted in a complete range of compaction machines being added to the range.

• Image Courtesy of TOBROCO-GIANT

High-quality vibratory plates and rammers are built in Zwolle under the SAMAC brand name. The stampers enjoy great international fame, after all, they are sold by leading brands under their own label. This is not surprising, because there are only a few manufacturers worldwide. In the field of vibratory plates, the competition is much greater. Completely against the sales trend, SAMAC therefore produces four times as many rammers as vibratory plates from the belt. In total, this concerns more than 2,500 units per year. Under the wings of Tobroco-Giant – which has a network of 750 dealers in more than sixty countries – Ulbo Machinery wants to grow to 10,000 machines.

Managing director and owner Toine Brock of TOBROCO-GIANT speaks of the expansion of the portfolio, which will enable the company to tap into new segments.

“Vibration plates and rammers fit perfectly with our current GIANT models. Whether it concerns earthmoving or rental companies, road workers or landscapers, they are familiar with both brands and now have a single point of contact for purchase, service and maintenance. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive solution in the future, so that customers come to our company for all their compact machines. Made in Holland, just like with our wheel loaders. GIANT is even the only Dutch producer of vibratory plates and rammers. We are very proud of that.”

• Image Courtesy of TOBROCO-GIANT

Own corporate identity and logo

The first units have been painted in the yellow and gray house style and have their own logo, in which the wheel loader has been replaced by a compaction machine. The range consists of 24 models, which excel in quality, productivity and durability by using high-quality components. You can choose from a petrol, diesel or electric motor from Honda, Hatz or Yanmar. GIANT supplies four rammers with a weight of 58 to 80 kg. The vibratory plates are divided into eleven single direction types (51-180 kg), eight reversible plates (two-way, 180-485 kg) and a roller vibrator. They deliver a maximum impact force of 67 kN and have a base plate of 30 to 85 cm wide. Compact design, BIG in performance!

• Image Courtesy of TOBROCO-GIANT

The fact that TOBROCO-GIANT was the first European manufacturer to receive permission from Honda Engines for the production of the electric vibratory plate also proves that the company is taking a great role in the technological development of compaction equipment. The 103 kg GP1950E is equipped with a Honda GXE2.0H electric motor and a 72 volt battery, which can be charged to 80% within an hour.

Jan Alwin Ulderink on behalf of the location in Zwolle says:

“This one lasts ten minutes longer, which is almost doubling compared to the competition. The introduction of this E-model marks the start of a complete electric series, which will soon include the E rammer GR740E and E-reversible plate GPR5575E.”

Added value

GIANT compaction machines distinguish themselves in the market not only because of the longer battery life, but of course benefit from typical ‘SAMAC’ features such as rock-solid and very fast-running compactors. As a global player, the company is also used for carrying out specific modifications for other countries, which is also of added value for GIANT dealers. As much as possible is manufactured in-house in Zwolle in order to be able to maintain a good overview of quality and final inspection. Thanks to largely computer-controlled production, the further development of machines and the building of prototypes are also fully integrated into the daily production process.

• Image Courtesy of TOBROCO-GIANT

While TOBROCO-GIANT celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, Ulbo Machinery can boast 45 years of experience! The company was founded in 1976 by Jan Alwin’s father Herman, who previously worked as a service technician for vibratory plates and rammers and later started supplying new machines for himself under the name SAMAC. Ulderink Sr. spent the evenings building a rammer in the garage himself, with the aim of eliminating all the imperfections he had encountered with other brands. This principle of gradual improvement is still being implemented today, when workshop chief, operational manager Mark Beens and Jan Alwin constantly discuss technical matters or possibilities.

Separate branch of sport

A rammer or vibratory plate seems like a simple tool, but there’s a surprising amount of development hidden underneath.

Jan Alwin, who describes the work on the product as a ‘special branch of sport’ says:

“In the past, a vibratory plate or rammer had to achieve the desired compaction, but more and more aspects have been added to this: design, working conditions guidelines and regulations regarding emissions or noise. We put so much effort into working with low vibration, while the machine is intended for compaction by means of vibration. That keeps it challenging. Development is in our blood, so there is a good match with TOBROCO-GIANT in that regard. As part of this ambitious organization, we can further scale up in terms of numbers and unmanned production, in order to start the next growth spurt.”

• Image Courtesy of TOBROCO-GIANT