National Crane Partners with LineWise to Develop Triple Line Lifter 2000 Series 3

Combining National Crane’s largest capacity boom truck, the NBT60XL, with LineWise’s TLL-2000-Series 3 Triple Line Lifter, capable of handling 230kV power lines, significantly expands the work scope of electric utility contractors. The Triple Line Lifter 2000 Series 3 is an insulated crane attachment used to support up to three energized lines. Constructed of high-strength steel, the maximum capacity for the TLL-2000 is 2,000 pounds per phase or 6,000 pounds overall.

The 60-USt National Crane boom truck and attachment allow utility contractors to perform repairs or maintenance to live transmission wires without disrupting power, thus avoiding substantial downtime and lost productivity to end energy users.

NBT60XL’s agile roading and impressive load charts allow it to seamlessly control the attachment from ground-level installation to maximum height. The TLL-2000 unit can hydraulically articulate from a horizontal to a vertical configuration, and the spacing between insulators can be adjusted from 12 feet to 24 feet to capture the outer conductors with a convenient handheld radio remote control.

“National Crane and LineWise are superior leaders in their fields, and recent validation testing with the TLL-2000 triple line lifter and our 60-ton boom truck showcased the duo’s capabilities. We look forward to seeing the products at work with our end customers,”

says Mike Heinrich, vice president of sales for National Crane.

Quick to mobilize

A specifically designed boom tip adapter, hydraulic power unit (HPU), and transportation skid are standard with every TLL-2000. The separate ground-level hydraulic power unit powers the TLL-2000. Insulated hoses run from the power unit to the line lifter. The TLL can be powered by the boom truck’s hydraulics if preferred. With either option, the end-user achieves more reliable, responsive control.

The transport skid, with dedicated slots for the triple line lifter, wire holders, insulators, and pins, fits compactly on a flatbed or low-boy trailer. Unique to the National Crane NBT60XL, the attachment can be installed directly from ground level in less than one hour without needing supplemental lifting equipment, saving additional costs and time. See the efficient installation process in this video.

Powerful partnerships

The TLL-2000 and TLL-1300 can be ordered in the United States and Canada through LineWise or their distribution network. To maximize the utilization of the crane and attachment, National Crane application engineers assist each customer in developing boom truck design options and configurations. Once delivered, LineWise field service managers provide onsite training.

The total package

Twenty National Crane model variations are compatible with Triple Line Lifter attachments (see infographic). The total utility offer from National Crane also includes personnel platforms, radio remote controls for crane functions, and boom-mounted hose reels. Additionally, through Manitowoc Lift Solutions, customers can request factory-fit boom-mounted augers, pole grabs, or any other custom-application needs.