Three New Safety Features Available for Detroit Diesel Connect Portal

Three New Safety Features Available for Detroit Diesel Connect Portal

Detroit announced the launch of its newest safety feature, the Detroit Connect Video Capture (DCVC) service, available as a subscription-based option in the Detroit Connect Portal. The proprietary digital service provides an additional layer of safety for users by recording safety events, such as active braking, roll stability events and other various events, allowing for increased visibility into fleet operations.

Detroit Connect now offers three safety services as a supplement to the Detroit Assurance safety system. Safety Event Viewer is a standard service for vehicles, while Safety Analytics is an optional feature providing more in-depth data insights.  DCVC, the newest service available, provides actual video footage of events when they occur on the road or at a jobsite.

The safety-reporting feature allows customers to focus more time on optimizing vehicle performance and reducing driver incidents and downtime:
  • Forward-facing video capture solution using Detroit Assurance MPC2 camera
  • Critical event videos displayed in Detroit Connect portal when safety events occur
  • A video recording surrounding a 30-second safety event
  • Critical truck information, such as speed and braking profile, is shown alongside video
  • Location of safety events displayed on a map view
  • Summary of events displayed on dashboard
  • Event trends and diagnostics
  • Filtered functionality of video recordings
  • Fleet summary view
  • Video commenting and tagging capabilities by fleet

“We pride ourselves on making safety our top priority, and with this latest innovation to Detroit Connect, customers will have access to comprehensive visual data that will allow truck owners to coach drivers through dangerous situations, increasing safe driving behaviors long-term. This technology is an integral part of providing safety for fleets and we’re proud to offer this optional service, giving our customers the confidence to make informed decisions.”

said Len Copeland, product marketing manager at DTNA.
DCVC is available to customers for order when new trucks are spec’d. Subscriptions are offered in one, three or five year terms.