BSL Battery Gains UL 2580 Certification for Its Range of Lithium Forklift Batteries

BSL Battery Gains UL 2580 Certification for Its Range of Lithium Forklift Batteries

It’s an exciting time for battery innovation whether you own, operate, or lease a forklift. The Underwriters Laboratories (“UL”), a global leader in safety science, has awarded BSL New Energy Technology, a manufacturer of lithium forklift battery systems based in Huizhou, China, North American UL 2580 certification for its 51.2V+ A range of battery models. Forklifts of Class I and Class II can be operated with these models. As a result of this safety certification, over 950 battery models of BSLBATT Battery – Industrial’s product line have been approved for use in material handling applications.

Certified to UL 2580

UL certification ensures the product meets the highest standards of safety and durability. In UL 2580, batteries are exposed to a range of damaging scenarios to determine their ability to withstand abuse and protect personnel. BSLBATT forklift lithium batteries recently received the prestigious UL 2580 certification. BSLBATT forklift lithium batteries represent a breakthrough in safety and reliability in the material handling industry. Nationally recognized safety standards have been met by batteries with UL certification. For material handling applications, BSLBATT provides safe, reliable, and resilient power solutions.

BSLBATT has achieved UL 2580 certification in the North American power industry. What is the significance of this?

  • In order to determine which batteries are the safest, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) evaluates parameters such as battery chemistry, manufacturing processes, and testing protocols.
  • Even though lithium technology is extremely unstable and dangerous if it is not monitored/appropriately controlled, you can be assured that your battery meets industry safety and performance standards.
  • With BSLBATT forklift lithium batteries, you get the surety of proven technology combined with the benefits of lithium-ion modular technology, delivering high power in a compact design. As the first battery manufacturer in China to introduce ISO 9001 compliance to the material handling industry, BSLBATT is also designed to comply with this standard. To move heavy-duty industrial trucks towards an electric future, safety is key. UL’s certification of BSLBATT’s forklift lithium battery contributes to this goal by reducing development cycles, enhancing safety, and speeding up time to market.

“We are grateful for the outstanding work of the UL team in creating our unique and revolutionary product.”

said Haley, Marketing Director at BSLBATT.

There are several destructive tests involved in UL 2580 testing, including:

  • Short circuit test
  • Squeeze test
  • Multi-axis rotational test
  • Drop test
  • Fire spread test

After all the destructive events leading up to the final fire test, the BSLBATT forklift lithium batteries passed all tests and continued to operate and charge rapidly at industry-leading dual-gun 400A continuous rates. As a result of the fire test, the battery self-extinguished in less than an hour, posing no threat to the surrounding area.

Fragment of UL test

Drop Test:

Benefits of BSLBATT lithium-ion forklift batteries

  • Modular design allows for adaptability to changing needs. As your warehouse business grows and evolves, BSLBATT provides 43 standard modules in a variety of sizes and configurations.
  • Your investment is protected by durable construction. BSLBATT uses 6000W laser-welded cells, reliable large-format prismatic cell technology, and lithium iron phosphate chemistry for per-cell stability. BSLBATT uses the highest quality lithium cells without active balancing.
  • Downtime is minimized by a long cycle life. With BSLBATT batteries, operators can spend less time charging the battery and more time getting the job done. Modular design allows the system to be expanded to increase capacity. When the module’s power life ends, it can be reused as a backup power source.
  • Employees and the workplace are protected by advanced security features. CE, IEC62619, and UL2580 standards are met by BSLBATT. In addition, BSLBATT developed the innovative battery management system in accordance with ISO 26262:2011 and complies with Automotive Safety Integrity Level C (ASIIL C). In addition to meeting strict automotive functional safety standards, the battery management system protects against over-discharge and provides additional performance benefits.
  • The presence of minimal maintenance (no watering required) further enhances efficiency. Watering lithium-ion batteries is not necessary, saving time and money. The BSLBATT cloud platform system keeps devices performing at optimal levels throughout their battery life through regular preventative maintenance.

“We are very excited about BSLBATT’s achievement, which proves their products are safe and compliant with North American regulatory requirements. As a company that supports rapid product innovation and business growth in the growing renewable energy sector, UL understands the challenges faced by battery manufacturers for electric vehicles. To help manufacturers achieve product excellence and gain market access, we will continue to leverage our 100 years of experience and expertise.”

said May Hao, director of power sales at UL China South China.

Photo courtesy of BSLBATT Battery

The future of electricity is here

Lithium-ion batteries have been around for a long time. The challenge has been harnessing their power safely without power surges and fluctuations. BSLBATT forklift lithium batteries change all that.

Article by BSL Battery