Komatsu Updates the Z2 Underground Drill and Bolter Range

Komatsu Updates the Z2 Underground Drill and Bolter Range

Komatsu has introduced the second generation of the company’s Z2 product line of small-class development drill and bolting equipment with enhancements and additions, including the first battery-electric offerings within Komatsu’s underground hard rock portfolio, an pumpable resin system solution, optimized ergonomics and more.

ZB21 bolter (Source: Komatsu)

The small-class ZJ21 jumbo drill and ZB21 bolter were initially launched in 2020 with a common platform.

The new Z2 bolters and jumbos also feature optimized operator ergonomics designed to maximize comfort and visibility, user-friendly intuitive controls and engineering for ground-level maintenance.

The second generation ZB21 is a small-class bolter featuring a fully enclosed ROPS/FOPS-certified operator cabin, intuitive operator controls, integrated patented screen handling and industry-leading drifters manufactured by Montabert.

Komatsu’s new ZB21 bolter comes with a battery-electric option (Source: Komatsu)

The bolter also introduces an optional Komatsu pumpable resin system using J-LOK P by Jennmar. The unique solution allows resin to be pumped into the drilled hole prior to bolt installation, permitting the use of more economical bolts and helping to decrease overall installed cost.

The second generation ZJ21 jumbo drill is a single-boom development drill with a fully enclosed ROPS/FOPS-certified operator cabin, innovative drilling feeds, advanced pilot hydraulics and renowned drifters manufactured by Montabert.

ZJ21 jumbo drill (Source: Komatsu)

Both product lines now include battery-electric versions featuring Komatsu’s innovative approach to BEV. The ZB21 and ZJ21 are the smallest size-class drills and bolters to offer a BEV option and feature a modular battery driveline with 83kWh of onboard energy designed for demanding tram cycles and the challenges of hard rock mining.

Johan Kempe, Product Director for Underground Drilling at Komatsu said:

“As underground mining operations increasingly shift toward electrification of their fleets, our innovative, battery-powered Z2 jumbo drills and bolters will support that pivotal transition. By integrating into existing infrastructure, we can help enhance productivity while helping to reduce operating costs. The rollout of our second generation Z2-class marks a milestone in our commitment to advancing mining technologies and building upon the proven success of our products to empower the future of mine operators.”