Takeuchi Launches New 7-Tonne Wheeled Excavator

Takeuchi Launches New 7-Tonne Wheeled Excavator

Takeuchi has expanded its product line with the addition of the new TB370W excavator, which joins the TB395W as the company’s second wheeled model available globally. The excavator weighs 7,900 kg (17,415 lbs) when equipped with outriggers and a blade.

(Image: courtesy of Takeuchi)

“The TB370W has all the benefits of a wheeled excavator – mobility, speed, versatility, maneuverability and minimal ground impact. It combines powerful excavating performance with on-road capabilities, all in a more compact size, making it an ideal machine for shorter-term, faster-paced projects.”

said Clay Eubanks, director of global sales for Takeuchi.

The TB370W offers higher travel speeds with two-wheel steering and an auto cruise control feature which lets operators set and adjust their travel speeds by pressing a button or operating a toggle switch located on its optional multifunction grips. The excavator has a wider operating range with a two-piece variable angle boom, precise hydraulic operations using its load-sensing hydraulic system and up to four auxiliary hydraulic circuits for enhanced productivity. Operators can also select their preferred working mode from three options: Standard, ECO and ECO Plus. ECO Plus automatically changes the excavator’s working mode between standard and ECO depending on its load for optimal efficiency.

The TB370W excavator is powered by an EU Stage V compliant diesel engine delivering 54.6 kW (73.2 hp) at 2,700 rpm and up to 221.7 Nm (163.5 ft-lbs.) of torque. A load-sensing hydraulic system delivers smooth control of the work equipment and a wide range of hydraulic attachments. The TB370W’s 3,775 mm (12.39 ft) digging depth and 7,160 mm (23.5 ft) cutting height make it particularly useful in a wide range of applications.

The excavator offers a maximum bucket breakout force of 48.4 kN (10,881 lbs) maximum arm digging force of 29.4 kN (6,609 lbs.) and a traction force of 61.7 kN (13,871 lbs). The TB370W’s two standard service ports—SP1 and SP2—are plumbed to mid-arm with shutoff valves. SP1 delivers a flow rate of up to 120 L/min (31.7 gpm) and a pressure rating of 21.0 MPa (3,045.8 psi), while SP2 has a flow rate of up to 55 L/min (14.5 gpm) and a pressure rating of 21.0 MPa (3,045.8 psi).

(Image: courtesy of Takeuchi)

Inside the TB370W’s spacious cab, operators will find an 8-inch, multifunction touchscreen display that places a wide range of functions at the operator’s fingertips, including HVAC settings and DAB radio with Bluetooth functionality. Well-positioned switches ensure easy access to multiple functions, and a jog dial function linked with the display provides intuitive operation. Operators can assign specific functions to the buttons on the TB370W’s optional multifunction grips as they prefer.

The Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) telematics system is standard on the TB370W in Europe and the United States. With TFM, owners and operators can remotely connect to their Takeuchi excavators and track loaders. TFM delivers alerts and machine information such as location, utilization, performance and maintenance status, as well as insights into how and where equipment is being operated.

“We’re pleased to add another wheeled excavator option to our global line-up. The TB370W is a machine that provides the performance they’ve come to expect from Takeuchi, but with the unique features of a smaller wheeled unit that make it ideal for use on paved surfaces when working on roads, bridges or in congested urban areas.”

said Eubanks.