Grammer shows his products’ new design at Conexpo2020

Grammer shows his products’ new design at Conexpo2020

At this year’s CONEXPO, North America’s largest construction trade show, which takes place from March 10 to 14 in Las Vegas, NV, Grammer Inc. will be presenting numerous new products and further developments of its proven seats. “We are a global seat manufacturer with a strong North American footprint and offer innovative driver seats and needs-based solutions for construction machines,” explains Stephan Hirmer, Director Sales PMS AG/CE. Grammer offers seats for all kinds of construction machinery, from small to heavy.

Reflecting Grammer’s global approach, the flags of all 20 countries in which it operates its own production sites are shown on the MSG97 driver seat. This seat symbolizes the creativity, functionality, and high quality of Grammer’s products. A special eye-catcher is also the MSG95EL/742 and MSG97EL/741 with a US flag design. The seats are styled in the national colors while the “stars and stripes” are embossed in the leather. It stands, symbolically, for the many ways how seats can be customized.

New seat concepts for greater safety and longer service life

In our Booth S62439, Grammer will be showcasing innovative ideas for enhanced seat functionalities. Today’s assistance systems for construction machinery transmit a variety of optical and acoustic signals to the driver. However, they are often overheard or overlooked during daily work, something that can lead to hazardous driving situations. Firmly integrated into the seat, the Haptic Warning System developed by Grammer creates a direct connection between the seat and the assistance systems. Reliable and perceptible haptic signals alert the driver via the seat cushion and thus improve safety significantly.

Grammer is confirming its role as a leading producer of commercial vehicle seats with a series of innovative additional functions. The “Smart Cover”, a ceramic 3D printing process, opens up new possibilities with regard to protection, durability, and the optical design of seat cushions with imitation leather covers. Seat cushions can wear out quickly, especially in vehicles with frequent driver changes. The “Smart Cover” not only significantly improves the abrasion resistance of seat cushions but also offers numerous attractive, customer-specific design options.

MSG95 and MSG97 driver seats with new design and added functions

The proven MSG95EL/742 and MSG97EL/741 driver seats, which offer maximum seating comfort in construction machinery, have not only been given a new design but also come with additional functions. The upgrade with the new S700 seat top features pneumatic side contour control in the backrest cushion, allowing the seat to be adjusted even more individually to the driver’s requirements and offering significantly improved side support. The active seat climate control system has now become more effective with an increase of up to 40% in performance compared to the previous climate control system. The two-stage seat heating also provides pleasant warmth. Together with the new multifunction armrest sector, the seat forms an operating system with which the driver can control relevant functions in the vehicle.

MSG95 and MSG97 driver seats with new design

Source: Grammer AG

Grammer shows his products’ new design at Conexpo2020 published on HeavyQuip Magazine.

Source: HeavyQuip Magazine