Epiroc introduces HATCON, a remote monitoring device for breakers and drum cutters that keeps track of location and operating hours to improve efficiency and safety.

With HATCON and My Epiroc you can check the GPS position of your breaker or drum cutter at any time. Courtesy of Epiroc.
The cloud-based platform My Epiroc gives customers notifications about service, create task lists and provides a great overview of the entire fleet. All the data is presented in a straightforward way to simplify both everyday duties and long-term decisions.

HATCON is available factory mounted or as a retrofit kit for Epiroc premium range breakers and drum cutters. Once connected, the system monitors every individual tool and keep customers updated via My Epiroc. Notifications about service and wear part alerts are just a few of the features that will help increase efficiency.

“HATCON provides a new level of control. You’ll always know where your tools are, what they do, when they need service or if any tool is running more than the other – it basically keeps you ahead. And with My Epiroc, everything from scheduling services to identifying faults and find new solutions will be much faster and easier. This information will not only help to create a smoother workflow with less downtime, but it can also be vital in reaching overall business goals” says Torsten Ahr, Vice President Marketing Hydraulic Attachment Tools Epiroc.

HATCON mounted on an HB 5800. Courtesy of Epiroc.

With data available regardless of device, at any moment and even offline, everyone from operators to fleet managers will have a more comprehensive view and be able to take smarter decisions. And since the data is also shared with Epiroc, we can provide better service, for instance, shipping wear parts just in time for a scheduled maintenance stop. For larger fleets with complex logistics, the GPS function is a major asset. Knowing the location of every tool is also a great support to customers’ anti-theft system.

“We’ve have been longing to provide this service and I’m confident it will be very valuable for our customers – and for us. By adding HATCON to our offer we want to strengthen your business and help you protect your investment”, concludes Torsten Ahr.

Source: Epiroc

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