Sport stars!

Sport stars!

When it comes to huge structures built to house some of the world’s biggest sporting events, Manitowoc cranes win the day.

Cranes from all Manitowoc brands have featured on some of the world’s highest-profile construction projects in recent years, from stadiums in the U.S. and Brazil, to sports arenas in the UK, to ski complexes in Russia. Contractors charged with bringing these spectacular structures to life are often under pressure to complete them in time for major global sporting events, such as the Olympics or the World Cup. These prestigious tournaments are planned years in advance and cost hundreds of millions of dollars, so contractors naturally look for cranes that are reliable with an equally dependable level of service support. In this article we’ll take a look at a few examples from across the globe.

Let’s go Dolphins! 

In the U.S., four Manitowoc 18000s plus a 650 t (716 USt) capacity MLC650 erected the eye-popping new Miami Dolphins football stadium. Because of the scale of the structure, the cranes often lifted in tandem, with the heaviest load clocked at a whopping 726 t (800 USt). To handle the work, crane owner Maxim Crane Works equipped the 18000 models with MAX-ER attachments, boosting their capacity to 750 t (825 USt).

“This was a challenging project and the cranes were often working around the clock, 24/7 shifts,” explained Frank Bardonaro, chief operating officer of Maxim Crane Works. “Our ability to have the latest and greatest lift technology from Manitowoc enabled us to efficiently perform multiple, tandem crane picks that exceeded one million pounds (450 t). Having multiple cranes of these sizes with synchronized working speeds and qualified operating engineers were the key reasons we were able to secure the project.”

Game, set and match!

In the UK, four Potain MR 608 luffing jib cranes installed a retractable roof on No. 1 Court at the world’s most prestigious tennis club, Wimbledon. The project involved removing the existing fixed roof, adding 900 seats, a new plaza and hospitality facilities, and then installing the new roof.

“We chose the Potain MR 608s for their strong capacity and long reach, and to allow for more flexibility on court during the construction process,” explained Steve Wright, commercial plant manager at Sir Robert McAlpine, the contractor which handled the work. “Because of its quick set-up, precise controls and Ultra View cab, which provides outstanding visibility, the MR 608 was an obvious choice.”

Olé, olé, olé!

Back in the Americas, two Grove cranes helped build one of Brazil’s new soccer stadiums just in time for the 2014 World Cup. The immense Arena Corinthians, located in São Paulo, held several of the tournaments highest-profile games, and is now home to the local Corinthians team. A Grove RT765E-2 rough-terrain and GMK6220L all-terrain crane led the project’s pre-assembly.

“The cranes handled construction materials weighing as much as 34 t (37 USt) and lifted them to 33 m (108 ft) in limited space and windy conditions,” said Leanderson Dias, equipment supervisor at LOCAR, which supplied the cranes. “These durable, versatile machines played a significant role in streamlining the construction process, which delivered a 65,000-seat capacity stadium.”

Let it snow!

In Europe, nearly 50 Potain tower cranes and several Grove mobile cranes helped with preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The cranes worked for a number of contractors and were supplied by rental companies from across the country. Sergey Neznamov, sales manager for Manitowoc in the Russia/CIS region, said the cranes were chosen for their strength and reliability.

“The contractors had to work under very tough environments, so they wanted to rely on cranes that are strong and dependable,” he said. “Since Sochi is in quite a remote part of the country, it was important that the cranes had regular support from Manitowoc Crane Care. To avoid interruptions, the contractors turned to trusted brands, such as Manitowoc, for equipment and support services.”

Providing lifting solutions since 1902, Manitowoc has one of the most complete crane ranges in the industry. So, no matter how complex the roof structure, how heavy the loads or how tight the timeline, cranes from Manitowoc can help contractors deliver stadiums on time and on budget, bringing joy to sports fans all over the world. Go Manitowoc!


Source: Company Brand Press Office