John Deere Adds New Loader Carrier Adapters To Expand Its Lineup

John Deere Adds New Loader Carrier Adapters To Expand Its Lineup

John Deere expands its lineup of versatile Frontier equipment with the addition of new loader carrier adapters, pallet fork grapples and tractor-mounted sprayers.

Frontier Loader Carrier Adapters are ideal for customers who are looking to trade for a newer John Deere tractor and loader package without updating their current inventory of implements or for customers with an older tractor and loader who want to upgrade to new implements.

“Loader Carrier Adapters let you keep your current loader implements or help you fit your older tractor with new implements”,

said Scott Geier, sales and marketing manager for John Deere. “These are ideal for property owners or non-commercial ag users who use skid-steer style attachments and they can be attached or detached in under 50 seconds.”

Five models are available to fit a variety of compact and larger utility-sized tractor and loader combinations.

  • The SA21E is compatible with John Deere 300R, 400 or 500 Series Loaders with Quick Attach for fast connections with skid-steer style attachments.
  • The SA21G works with loaders that use a global attaching system to attach skid steer style atachments.
  • The SA22D is a skid-steer carrier that’s compatible with Deere 600 and 700 Series Loaders that utilize a Quick Attach to connect with skid-steer style attachments.
  • The DA21G is a global carrier for customers using 500 Series style attachments that use a hook and pin attaching system.
  • The GA21E is a John Deere Quick Attach that works with 400 or 500 Series Loaders to allow the use of attachments that mount to a global tool carrier.
  • The GA22D is a John Deere Quick Attach that works with 600 or 700 Series Loaders to allow the use of attachments that mount to a global tool carrier.
Source: John Deere

The new Pallet Fork Grapples can be attached to compact or utility tractors to move those awkward piles that are not easy to grab with a pallet fork, including brush, firewood, or lengths of pipe. The grapple’s tooth pattern is built for gripping, not piercing, and provides a secure way to move material. The PG11 and PG12 match John Deere compact and utility tractor and loader combinations with an available third-function hydraulic connection.

The PG11 can be easily attached to Frontier AP10 Series or AP11 Series Pallet Forks while the larger PG12 fits the Frontier AP12 Series.

“For added versatility, the pallet fork can be used independently of the grapple”, Geier said.

The quick-attachment feature minimizes your setup time and makes it easy to use. When the grapple is attached to the pallet fork, front visibility is maximized, making it easier for operators to handle and place material they are moving.

For mid- to large-sized properties, wildlife food plots, large athletic complexes or pastures, a Frontier LS20 Series Sprayer provides great versatility and accuracy to apply chemicals or fertilizer with confidence. “These sprayers are ideal for applying products along fence rows, to road ditches, yards or everything in between”, Geier said.

The LS20 can be ordered with 45-, 60-, 110- or 150-gallon tanks to best fit your field size or coverage area. Five boom widths are available from 10 to 30 feet wide.

A boomless option for spraying across rough terrain or when obstacles are present is also available in 24- or 30-foot spray widths and can be fitted with flat spray nozzles. The LS20 comes equipped with a handy spray wand or spray gun to help spray those hard-to-reach or smaller areas.

Source: John Deere