Volvo CE to Introduce New Applications and Updates to Enhance Productivity

Volvo CE to Introduce New Applications and Updates to Enhance Productivity

Volvo Construction Equipment is making its Load Assist machine control applications compatible on a wider range of Volvo CE wheel loaders, from the L60H to the L350H, and is introducing several new Load Assist applications. Furthermore, Volvo is launching several productivity and serviceability enhancements to those same machines.

Source: Volvo CE

We never settle when it comes to product development”, said Eric Yeomans, product manager, wheel loaders, Volvo CE.

“We’re introducing updates to enhance the performance, operation and servicing of our mid-size and large wheel loaders, and we’re expanding Load Assist capabilities which will give operators more real-time info and automate certain tasks.”

Making work easier and safer

Load Assist apps are operated via the Volvo Co-Pilot — an in-cab display with a 10-inch, high-resolution touch screen. It was first introduced in 2016 with the On-Board Weighing app, which offers +/- 1% accuracy on every bucket. In 2019, Load Assist was made standard on the L150H to L260H wheel loaders, and the Operator Coaching app was introduced to provide real-time guidance to operators.

The newest updates will extend Load Assist to the L60-L90 range, and further enhance ease of operation, safety and overall site efficiency.

Source: Volvo CE

Tire Pressure Monitoring System App

The Co-Pilot touch screen now displays tire pressure and temperature in real time. Each tire is monitored independently, and pressure limits are set per axle. If any tire gets outside the set parameters, the operator will be alerted. The data can also be made available on CareTrack, Volvo’s standard telematics system, so site managers can analyze trends in tire parameters for similar site conditions in the future.

Source: Volvo CE

Map App

The Map app uses the loader’s built-in GPS for positioning and telecom connection on the Co-Pilot to communicate between machines. Operators can monitor on-site traffic in real time and proactively adjust their driving according to traffic conditions, especially in areas where multiple machines are operating close to each other. Efficiency is improved, as operators can better anticipate driving decisions by monitoring traffic and workflow cycle.

Calculator, notes and weather apps

The other three apps are considered Toolbox Applications. The Calculator can be used for quick mathematical calculations and unit conversions. The Notes app allows for digital notetaking in the cab. And the Weather app gives operators current and upcoming weather conditions to inform operation decisions.

Even more to look out for

In addition to the new applications, some existing Load Assist features have been upgraded. The Radar Detect System option is now integrated into the Co-Pilot. This gives operators rearview camera and load information on a single screen for increased convenience and safety when reversing.

The final update is the addition of two new Task modes on the On-Board Weighing app. Operators can now choose from Trip Meter, Truck Loading, Stockpiling or Processing mode. Each mode will adapt the Co-Pilot screen layout and provide relevant information for increased efficiency in different applications.

Enhanced machine performance and serviceability

Volvo has also made machine updates to the 11 models in its L60H to L350H wheel loader lineup. A feature that is now standard on all of them is a rimpull control system. This allows operators to minimize wheel spin and optimize the balance between rimpull and hydraulic functions. In turn, it helps reduce tire wear and fuel consumption for more efficient bucket filling.

The oil change interval has been extended to 1,000 hours, and on L150H to L260H wheel loaders, a new quick-fit system enables cleaner, faster oil changes. Also, new handles have been installed on both sides of the counterweight facility, helping make service points more accessible.

Source: Volvo CE