ThermoTraxx Introduces Heating System for Tracked Equipment

ThermoTraxx Introduces Heating System for Tracked Equipment

ThermoTraxx is a heating system engineered specifically for tracked vehicles such as bulldozers, Sno-Cats, and skid-steers. Crafted with dedication and precision in the USA, ThermoTraxx is designed to combat the harsh realities of working in winter conditions.

Born from necessity, and backed by both design and utility patents, ThermoTraxx is a revolutionary product that underwent numerous iterations to reach its robust, reliable form. The product is built to withstand the harshest field conditions, ensuring your track frames remain free from ice and easy to clean.

“I designed this product after I became frozen to the track frames of my John Deere 850J one night after falling asleep while cleaning them. At that point, I knew there had to be something out there to help with cleaning your tracks during the winter. After months of searching, and realizing no one offered a system like this, I decided to design these units. If you install one of our systems you’ll find out how much easier it is to finish your day.”

said Co-owner and Operator, Dana Hennessy.

“These units are built in the heart of Johnstown, PA with the hands of US craftsmen.”

said Co-owner, Bill Polacek of JWF Industries, when asked about his favorite part of the product.

This is an important note that the company prides itself on; it helps keep jobs in the manufacturing industry and in the hands of US craftsmen.