A new Energy Project to Supply AGCO Facility in Assumption, Illinois

A new Energy Project to Supply AGCO Facility in Assumption, Illinois

A new solar energy system is expected to provide both economic and environmental benefits at AGCO’s facility in Assumption, Illinois, generating approximately 20% of its power requirements.

Located on an 8-acre site adjacent to the plant, which manufactures GSI grain storage and conditioning equipment, the solar project was designed and constructed by SolAmerica Energy. It is a ground-mounted system that rotates to track the sun throughout the day, maximizing electricity production.

The power generated — targeted at 3.2 million kilowatt hours for the first year — is expected to produce substantial savings compared to the facility’s current energy costs. Besides the economic benefit, the project also offers an environmentally friendly source of clean, renewable energy.

“We’re very proud to support the adoption of solar energy on this large-scale basis, which will contribute to the global effort to help protect our climate”, said Hans Lehmann, Vice President, Americas, AGCO Grain & Protein.

“This project also supports AGCO’s ongoing commitment to provide sustainable, high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world.”

SolAmerica has been honored to work with AGCO on this exciting project”, stated John Buffington, Vice President of Business Development for SolAmerica.

AGCO approached SolAmerica with a view that going solar could add value to their GSI business while supporting the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability in a tangible way. We applaud AGCO for this vision.

Buffington said an added benefit of the project is that the site area has been planted with wildflowers and native grasses intended to provide habitat to pollinating species, which offer critical ecological and agricultural benefits.

The AGCO solar energy system was developed under the Illinois Shines initiative, a state incentive program designed to promote the development of new solar energy sources in Illinois.