Steven Broadbent from Sunpro Corporation Named Top Four Under 40 for 2021

Steven Broadbent from Sunpro Corporation Named Top Four Under 40 for 2021

Steven Broadbent’s career in the LBM industry began in public accounting, auditing financial statements for publicly traded mills and suppliers as well as national dealers. After this experience, he joined Sunroc Building Materials (now rebranded as Sunpro Corporation) as a controller.

Steven Broadbent. Source: Sunpro

In the role, Broadbent was responsible for driving several internal processes and reporting changes at the company, which resulted in more accurate financial information and value-added financial analysis to help Sunpro managers make informed decisions on how to best operate their respective locations.

After three years working on the financial side of the business, Broadbent crossed over to operations and his current role as a division manager within Sunpro’s specialty division. Broadbent oversees the operations of Sunpro’s truss manufacturing, insulation/garage door installation, estimating, and hardware/retail locations. Under Broadbent’s leadership, the specialty division has been able to increase revenues 33% and increase profitability to competitive levels on a rolling 12-month basis. As a manager, Broadbent enacted numerous location-level management changes aimed at aligning company culture with Sunpro’s core values while emphasizing continuous improvement in all areas of operations.

“I’m a firm believer in Sunpro’s core values and value proposition focused on people as individuals, high levels of customer service, offering quality products, and delivering on commitments”,

Broadbent told ProSales.

Broadbent also has served as part of Sunpro’s senior leadership team since 2016 and his effort towards driving the strategic growth plan has helped more than double revenue in four years and increase Sunpro’s profitability.

Source: Sunpro