Potain Vice President Thibaut Le Besnerais To Speak at Tower Crane Virtual Conference

Potain Vice President Thibaut Le Besnerais To Speak at Tower Crane Virtual Conference

Thibaut Le Besnerais, vice president, brand and product management, tower cranes at Manitowoc has been announced as the opening speaker at the upcoming Cranes Today Tower Crane Virtual Conference.

He will deliver an informative presentation on the subject of ‘Global trends in tower crane design and demand’.

With the world changing faster than ever, Thibaut Le Besnerais will kick off proceedings by providing special insight into how a variety of global megatrends are, and will be, affecting tower crane design and demand both now and in the decades to come.

Topics he will touch on include the impact on global crane manufacturing in the context of contractors and the evolution in construction methods they frequently drive. He will also examine recent market trends, and discuss the likely emerging markets, as well as looking at the consequences of resource scarcity and an increasingly urban global population. He will present all of the above and more from the perspective of Potain, the world’s leading manufacturer of tower cranes, and what it means in terms of the company’s manufacturing and distribution footprint.

Other questions Thibaut Le Besnerais will address in his talk are:

  • What does the future hold for the tower crane industry in an increasingly data-driven and ‘connected’ society?
  • How does Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of people and the environment influence crane design?
  • How is Manitowoc’s product portfolio adjusting to meet these challenges?

Taking place online on February 11, 2021, from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm (GMT) the Tower Crane Virtual Conference will be attended by professionals from crane rental companies and manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, contractors and construction companies, to hear the industry’s market experts share their views on current sector developments.

The agenda comprises a range of topics with a global rather than regional approach. Among the themes covered will be market trends, technological innovations, challenging applications and ways to boost efficiency. The virtual attendees will also be able to ask questions of the speakers during the live Q&A sessions.

As well as the packed conference program, the event will offer a customized, networking platform, designed to facilitate live discussions and support business development opportunities in a virtual format.

During the conference breaks, attendees will be able to virtually visit the booths at the exhibition space, benefit from private chats with exhibitors and access the material showcased.