Terex Unveils New Dust Suppression System

Terex Unveils New Dust Suppression System

Terex MPS introduces ‘Aquamist by Terex’—a dust suppression system.

Source: Terex

The ‘Aquamist by Terexdust suppression system offers an improvement over conventional jets or water-sprays to manage the build-up of dust and better protect workers on jobsites by using a high capacity misting fan that produces finely divided water droplets in the size range 10-150 micron diameter. At this size, they easily combine themselves with dust particles of similar dimensions and precipitate them out of the air and, because water-mists “float” more than a conventional spray, they cover and envelop the dust cloud more effectively.

Paul Kearney, Vice-President of Parts and Solutions for Terex Materials Processing explains:

It is globally accepted now that airborne dust that is formed on jobsites can significantly contribute to respiratory illnesses. As increased legislation comes into place globally to mitigate this, more effective control of dust is needed. Our Aquamist system will better support worksite operations and strengthen our commitment to making the workplace a safe and healthy environment.

Source: Terex Trucks