McLanahan Fine Material Screw Washers Improves Efficiency

McLanahan Fine Material Screw Washers Improves Efficiency

McLanahan Fine Material Screw Washers feature several design advantages to provide optimum efficiency. These include a larger pool area, longer dry deck area and greater clearance between the flights and curved plate than other sand screw offerings.

Source: McLanahan

Larger Pool Area

McLanahan Fine Material Screw Washers are designed with a large pool area, which provides a much more efficient classification of the material. The larger settling area provides higher retention of product-sized fines.

“That’s really where you can start seeing some savings”,

said Rick Madara, Director of Sales – North America for McLanahan Corporation. “If you’re able to settle out one or two or three tons per hour more and add that to your product pile, it adds up pretty quickly. It’s also less material that is being sent to the waste stream or settling pond, so that’s a huge advantage.”

Longer Dry Deck Area

Another advantage of McLanahan’s Fine Material Screw Washer design is the longer dry deck area containing a longer screw shaft. The longer screw shaft and dry deck provide increased dewatering for a drier product coming off the discharge end, which is also beneficial for the downstream process. It also means less dry time in the pile and quicker shipping of finished product.

Even saving 2% on moisture equates to millions of gallons of water a year that is going where it is supposed to go and not out with your product,

Madara said.

Curved Plate and Flights

McLanahan Fine Material Screw Washers have a 2.5” (65 mm) gap between the curved plate and the screw flights. This allows a bed of sand to form for the material to rub against, protecting the box bottom from abrasive wear.

“Less wear means you don’t have to periodically patch or replace the tub”,

Madara explained.

The larger clearance also allows the Fine Material Screw Washer to accept larger material if the application calls for that.

Wide Range of Sizes

McLanahan offers a wide range of Fine Material Screw Washer sizes for both small and large capacities, as well as High-Volume Fine Material Washers for handling higher-than-normal water volumes. By combining a large washer box sized for the water volume with a screw sized for the solids capacity, McLanahan is able to offer a lower-cost option to standard screws with increased product sized fines retention.

Source: McLanahan