Volvo CE To Add Entry-Level Package for Compact Assist Intelligent Compaction System

Volvo CE To Add Entry-Level Package for Compact Assist Intelligent Compaction System

Volvo Construction Equipment has redefined its Compact Assist offering for asphalt compactors with the launch of a new entry-level package.

Source: Volvo CE

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to customer productivity, Volvo CE has introduced Compact Assist Start, a new introductory package of their Intelligent Compaction system, Compact Assist.

“If a customer hasn’t used Intelligent Compaction before, then Compact Assist Start is the perfect introduction for them”,

said Mark Eckert, product manager, Volvo CE. “Giving their operators real-time information on pass and temperature mapping in a system that’s as easy to use as a smartphone, they’ll notice improvements in their crews’ productivity immediately.”

New Package Gets Back to Basics

Whether it’s for mapping the road, estimating density or producing jobsite reports, Compact Assist is now available in three packages to match customer requirements. Each package provides varying degrees of access to the core functions of pass mapping, temperature mapping and density/stiffness mapping. All three packages are powered by the Volvo Co-Pilot, a 10-inch in-cab tablet.

Compact Assist Start helps customers take the first step into Intelligent Compaction. Easy to use and with no setup required, the entry-level package includes pass mapping and temperature mapping functionalities, providing the operator with real-time data about how the job is progressing.

Pass mapping gives operators a clear on-screen view of the roller’s coverage of the asphalt, highlighting stop points and overlaps so adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently without missing a spot.

Temperature mapping ensures that compaction is completed at the optimum pavement temperature. A color-coded map of surface temperatures and the ability to set the maximum/minimum range enables the operator to easily avoid rolling with a mix temperature that is too hot or too cold.

Compact Assist Start is available on Volvo DD110C, DD120C, DD128C and DD140C asphalt compactors.

Source: Volvo CE

From Start to Finish

Upgrading to the other two Compact Assist programs is easy, and Compact Assist Start comes with all of the wiring and most of the needed hardware. The next package level is Compact Assist, ideal for customers looking to record and track data across a jobsite. It provides greater accuracy and reporting opportunities through the addition of a high-accuracy GPS antenna, recorded and saved job data, automatic job report creation with USB and over-the-air download.

The most comprehensive package is Compact Assist with Density Direct, giving customers complete control of the jobsite. It combines all the features of Compact Assist with the addition of density mapping functions.

While these packages were created for Volvo asphalt compactors, there is a Compact Assist system for Volvo soil compactors that includes pass mapping and compaction mapping.

Source: Volvo CE