JLG Adds New 2733 to Company’s Telehandler Line-up

JLG Adds New 2733 to Company’s Telehandler Line-up

JLG Industries, Inc expands its telehandler line to include a new high-capacity model — the 2733.

2733 High Capacity Model. Source: JLG Industries

With 26,600-lb maximum capacity, this model is the highest capacity telehandler that JLG offers and is purpose-built to handle and haul heavy, bulky materials; load and unload trucks and trailers; and help maintenance and repair personnel work on larger fleet equipment. The JLG 2733 telehandler offers 33-ft of maximum lifting height and an 8,000-lb capacity at maximum reach for excellent capability throughout the entire load chart.

The 2733 is designed to be a versatile machine that can adapt to a wide variety of job site challenges, as well as tackle demanding pick-and-carry applications in above-ground mining, wind energy, oil and gas, industrial construction and large-scale commercial construction projects,

says John Boehme, JLG senior product manager, telehandlers.

In fact, Boehme continues, with the wide range of specialized attachments available for high-capacity telehandlers, this new model can replace more traditional machines, such as wheel loaders, that traditionally come with higher rental rates. “The 2733 can take the place of wheel loaders, in certain applications where greater lift height and forward reach is desired”, says Boehme.

Compared to a wheel loader, the 2733 offers greater versatility due to its lift height and forward reach, as well as better maneuverability due to its compact size, better travel speed and terrainability.

The 2733 is equipped with performance-enhancing productivity features, including a two-speed hydrostatic transmission with optional ride control and boom float to improve load stability and promote smoother operation on uneven terrain. It also features a class-leading outside turning radius to provide excellent maneuverability on crowded job sites. This model’s spacious cab offers operators superior comfort with excellent visibility and intuitive controls.

Designed to give operators the ability to work with greater confidence, the 2733 comes standard with JLG’s Load Stability Indication (LSI) system, which senses when the telehandler reaches forward load capacity. It is also engineered with precision gravity lowering and soft stop boom controls to provides operators with better boom control for precision placement.

2733 High Capacity Model. Source: JLG Industries

To further inspire operator confidence, JLG’s proprietary SmartLoad Technology is an available option on this new telehandler. The technology in this system combines attachment recognition with real-time load data, allowing operators to handle materials with greater confidence. This three-part system includes attachment recognition, longitudinal stability indication (LSI) and a load management indication system (LMIS).

The 2733 can also be equipped with an optional right-side electronic mirror to give operators enhanced visibility on the right side of the machine. This system has three components: Two cameras (one facing forward and one facing the rear), an internal display located inside the cab and right-side cameras that replace the typical right-side external mirror.

Other optional features include a multifunction display and a reverse sensing system. The multifunction display features integrated, electronic load charts, a reversing camera, diagnostics and analyzer capability to further assist the operator during machine operation. The reverse sensing system is designed to alert the operator of rear obstructions with an audible alarm. This feature helps operators be more aware of their surroundings, especially on busy job sites.

The new 2733 telehandler is the third model in the JLG high-capacity telehandler line, which also includes the 1644 and 1732 models. You can see it working in the JLG Access Your World virtual experience.

Source: JLG Industries