Motor Wheel Announces Launch of New Product Colors

Motor Wheel Announces Launch of New Product Colors

Motor Wheel announces the re-colorization of their CentriFuse brake drums.

Not all brake drums are the same, even though they may appear to be. That is why, in the production process, Motor Wheel colors Genuine CentriFuse drums blue and CentriFuse heavy-duty drums red,

stated Jeff Bates, general manager of Motor Wheel. This action differentiates Genuine CentriFuse drums helping Motor Wheel customers identify imitations and off-shore clones”, added Bates.

Now that Motor Wheel is part of the Hendrickson family, it provides us a platform to advance our lite, standard and heavy-duty drum brake system performance and deliver a great brand that complements our existing product portfolio. When you specify Motor Wheel CentriFuse drums, you will receive the same great product and service support from Hendrickson you have come to expect from the market leader. We look forward to working with our Motor Wheel associates and strengthening both businesses, ultimately serving the commercial truck and trailer industry,

stated Richard Mudd, vice president of Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems at Hendrickson.

Genuine Centrifuse brake drums are specified every day for a wide range of commercial trucking operations. Their superior quality drum construction (material fusing technology) ensures exceptional drum strength. CentriFuse offers the safety, low cost of operation and proven performance business and customers require for maximum equipment uptime.