Montabert Plans To Acquire US and Canadian Distributor Tramac

Montabert Plans To Acquire US and Canadian Distributor Tramac

In a move designed to support customers by maintaining key distributor networks and opening doors for expanded product access and collaboration, Montabert, a standalone hydraulic rock breaker business owned by Komatsu, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Tramac to acquire 100 percent ownership of the distributor’s US and Canadian businesses.

Tramac supports more than 30 resellers in Canada and has distinguished itself as one of the top global Montabert breaker distributors for more than 50 years. The company operates three facilities in Canada and one in the US. Through the planned acquisition, the company aims to enhance product development, expand the rock breaker business into various global markets and provide superior service.

president of underground and hard rock mining at Komatsu, Peter Salditt, said:

“We are excited to expand our reach for customers in Canada and in new global markets through synergies with the larger Montabert distribution network worldwide. We are also pleased that the talented team at Tramac plan to remain with the business post-acquisition, so we can continue to work together and grow with their extensive expertise.”

Komatsu and Montabert leadership said their focus is on continuing the excellent service Tramac provides, and as such plans to make no changes post-acquisition to the way business is conducted within the Tramac business unit. In time, the groups plan to work together to expand customer access to products in new territories in Western Canada and globally.

The official close of the acquisition is projected for the end of February. After the acquisition is complete, Montabert will retain the Tramac brand as its Canada-based distributor and continue to operate Tramac as a standalone business unit under Montabert, as part of Komatsu’s global business.

Source: Komatsu.