Roadwarrior Improves LightningVolt Lithium Batteries

Roadwarrior Improves LightningVolt Lithium Batteries

Roadwarrior, the commercial trucking aftertreatment specialist, announced the improvement and restocking of their LightningVolt APU batteries, which initially sold out in March of 2022. Their product is a premium battery designed to preserve truck aftertreatment systems by boosting APU performance and reducing idling.

Roadwarrior is at the forefront of technology upgrades, and that’s why they developed the first trucking-specific lithium APU battery. Unlike modern aftertreatment systems, which usually find themselves unprepared for excessive idling, LightningVolt was designed by industry experts specifically for commercial trucks: compared to AGM alternatives, lithium batteries have double the runtime between charges and weigh half as much.

“Our company was the first-ever manufacturer to release a lithium battery specifically designed for Semi-Truck Auxiliary Power Units, or APUs. We have decided to increase stock levels of our LightningVolt batteries to meet the growing demand of the trucking industry due to the soaring costs of fuel.”

says Dave Jerman, Sales Director at Roadwarrior.

As an emissions control specialist, Roadwarrior knows how to develop a battery that protects drivers’ aftertreatment system, reduces regens and extends maintenance windows. With headquarters in Canada, they have first-hand knowledge of how challenging terrain, long hauls and unpredictable weather conditions impact North American truck drivers and fleets. LightningVolt batteries offer high-quality performance even when faced with the shocks and jolts typical for trucking and extreme weather.

The latest restocking features three main improvements: a lithium-based technology for heavy-duty trucking, the possibility to be paired with lead-acid-starting batteries and longer duration in trucking applications. With 10x more charge cycles, LightningVolt batteries last for five to ten years and have double the runtime between charges, empowering drivers to run sleeper cab electronics like kitchen appliances and the HVAC system for twice as long without idling. As well as saving fuel, boosting your idle reduction system extends the life of expensive aftertreatment parts like your DPF and reduces inconvenient regens.

About the Company:

With 12 warehouses strategically placed across North America, Roadwarrior Inc. manufactures high-efficiency diesel particulate filters and catalysts for heavy duty trucks, buses and construction equipment.

Roadwarrior Inc. was launched by the DCL Technology Group, whose unrivaled reliability and innovative emission control products are used in the most demanding environments on the planet, including Mining, Construction and Energy Production.