Yokohama Launches New Tires Range With Durability and Heat Tolerance on the Global Market

Yokohama Launches New Tires Range With Durability and Heat Tolerance on the Global Market

Yokohama Off- Highway Tires has dedicated off-the-road tire plants that produce tires with durability and heat tolerance for global markets. Off-the-road tires offer substantial support for machinery used at various civil engineering sites, including ultra-large dump trucks, earth and gravel at mining and dam construction sites. At CONEXPO Yokohama was proud to present new different tires.

The Yokohama RL52 Loader Radial in 29.5R25—Long-Lasting Performer

The Yokohama RL52 is a rugged L-5 radial for front-end loaders that delivers long-lasting
performance thanks to its unique, cut-resistant cap compound and flush tread design that
minimizes wear from abrasion. Extra-deep rock tread lugs and a low lug-to-void ratio ensure great traction, while buttress side protection helps prevent sidewall cuts and snags.

Radial construction provides a more even footprint and reduced heat buildup to maximize
service life, especially for loaders operating on long duty cycles. The natural sidewall flex of
radial construction and stability of the footprint combine to create a tire that is as comfortable as it is dependable. The new 29.5R25 size brings the powerful Yokohama RL52 design to high-capacity loaders in quarries and surface mines. In short, the RL52 radial is an ideal tire for loaders putting in long hours under high loads in the toughest conditions.

The Yokohama RB03 Radial—New Extra-Wide Size for Mobile Crane Stability
The new 525/80R25 size for the Yokohama RB03 mobile crane radial is 5.5 inches wider and features a lower aspect ratio than the original 385/95R25 size. The new configuration dramatically adds to the stability of the deep, non-directional tread pattern and flat, even footprint of the Yokohama RB03—and to its load-bearing capability, too.
The radial construction of the RB03 results in a larger, flatter footprint for a bigger contact
patch. Sturdy tread blocks reduce wear, while deep circumferential channels ensure all-weather traction and notched shoulders add grip in soft conditions. The Yokohama RB03 radial is truly ready for anything.

The 875/65R29 Yokohama RT41 Radial—More Width for More Performance
The lineup of rugged Yokohama RT41 radials—a workhorse for articulated dump trucks,
scrapers and front-end loaders operating in the toughest conditions—just added the 875/65R29 size, contributing inches of extra width for added traction and stability.
The new, extra-wide size features a unique multi-layer, cross-ply belt package—woven with
flexible steel belt wire for stability, durability and puncture resistance—that makes the RT41
sure-footed on a wide range of surfaces. High turn-up construction and thick buttresses protect the RT41 sidewalls from cuts and snags.
Horsepower? Load? No problem. The flat-base hexagonal bead of the RT41 turns torque into action with a firm seat on the rim, while the deep-block, nondirectional tread grips tight and maintains traction on surfaces hard and soft.
L-4 tread blocks are 50% deeper than comparable L-3 designs, adding service life without
building up heat. Meanwhile, the hardy abrasion- and cut-resistant compound package of the Yokohama RT41 ensures extra-long service and outstanding return on investment.

The Yokohama RS02 Winter Grader Radial—The Ice and Snow Specialist
The Yokohama RS02 winter radial is the choice of rader operators who know winter is no time for downtime. With a non-directional S-pattern block design—easy to mount and rotate—and extensive siping that adds hundreds of biting edges, the RS02 delivers high performance in low temperatures.
The special winter compound of the RS02 adds to the durability of the tire, along with
Yokohama's special OTR belt wire, which combines flexibility with puncture protection. The natural flex of radial construction delivers a stable, comfortable ride, while the RS02 sidewalls are reinforced with high-turndown construction and added protection features.
The result is a high-performing, long-lasting winter grader tire that provides dependability when it’s needed most.