Hidromek is ready to exhibit his products at conexpo 2020

Hidromek is ready to exhibit his products at conexpo 2020

Hidromek, a globally known manufacturer of construction machinery, is ready for North America’s largest construction trade show Conexpo with its powerful machines. Hidromek will meet the sector with its products, backhoe loaders, crawler excavators, motor graders, wheel loaders and soil compactors, at Conexpo at Stand No F7526.

Conexpo 2020 will take place in Las Vegas Convention Center between the dates of March 10 – 14. The event will bring the global construction equipment sector together and introduce the latest products, equipment, and services.

HMK 102 B ALPHA backhoe loader. Source: Hidromek

Having more than 45 thousand machines running in over 100 countries, HİDROMEK keeps focusing on increasing its market share and strengthening its brand awareness and presence in all its target markets including North America. Hidromek will take place at North America’s largest exhibition in the sector, Conexpo, with HMK 62 SS mini backhoe loader, HMK 102 B ALPHA backhoe loader, HMK 230 LC crawler excavator, HMK 600 MG motor grader, HMK 640 WL wheel loader and HMK 110 CS soil compactor. The features of the products that will be exhibited at CONEXPO 2020 Fair by HİDROMEK, which combines R&D, design, technology, and innovation at every stage of production, are as follows:

Hidromek backhoe loaders increase efficiency

Hidromek backhoe loaders, produced with advanced technology and having a strong breakout force, increase efficiency with their high performance by providing less fuel consumption. While providing easy operation and high-level comfort with their wide rearview and ergonomic working environment, HİDROMEK backhoe loaders increase load carrying capacity and durability due to their heavy-duty axles.

HMK 62 SS mini backhoe loader. Source: Hidromek

New H4 Series is faster, more productive and more efficient

HMK 230 LC, equipped with advanced technology, belongs to H4 Series. Offering high performance, Hidromek’s new H4 Series excavators stand out with their operating speed. H4 Series excavators produced to be faster, more productive and more efficient with their developed hydraulic system design produce more work with less fuel. Therefore, Hidromek excavators are more profitable and efficient than ever.

During the design process with the aim of rendering the use of the machine easier for the operator, H4 Series has an electronic system with an increased capacity facilitating to find out the condition of the machine and its integration with additional equipment. H4 cabins are designed and built to offer maximum safety and durability under ROPS & FOPS standards. The red handles and warning labels on the new series of the machines are designed to increase the operator’s safety to the highest level. H4 Series giving particular importance to work safety enhance great visibility by reducing blind spots to a minimum with the right side and rear cameras. In addition, due to LED headlamps on H4 Series excavators, night vision capacity is significantly improved.

Easy operation and maximum performance with HMK 600 MG

HMK 600 MG motor grader, manufactured in 18-ton class, provides high traction even at low torques and offers low fuel consumption through its Mercedes (MTU) engine. Allowing the operator to have a wide view of the blade and the front wheels, HMK 600 MG enables safe and easy operation by being controlled both by the steering wheel and by the joystick and wide viewing angle of the hexagonal cab. HMK 600 MG motor grader, which has won international awards such as Reddot Award, German Design Award, and Good Design Award, is preferred for many applications ranging from leveling and digging to bank cutting, trenching, and snow plowing.

HMK 600 MG motor grader. Source: Hidromek

More load in a short time with HMK 640 WL

HMK 640 WL, which has 26.3 tons operating weight and 4.2 m³ bucket capacity, with its Mercedes engine having 324 HP and 1600 Nm torque provides its user with high loading capacity at low fuel consumption in short cycle time. HMK 640 WL heavy-duty loader provides a high breakout force and excellent control capability. It offers durability and efficiency for many years with its axles and components specifically used for high demanding working conditions. With its ergonomic operator cabin with ROPS / FOPS certificates, comfort and high security are prioritized. Furthermore, it provides easy serviceability with its 35-degree tilting cabin feature. HMK 640 WL wheel loader, which has won international design awards such as Reddot Award, German Design Award, Good Design, and Automotive Brand Contest, is frequently used in mining and quarry operations, concrete plants and industrial applications.

HMK 640 WL heavy-duty loader. Source: Hidromek

HMK 110 CS provide maximum versatility and performance

110 CS soil compactor, which is versatile machinery, can be used in many applications such as utilities, road construction works and construction site preparation of large residential areas. High-quality components produced by Hidromek’s robust steel construction experience are used on the compactors.  HMK110 CS provides quality and durability with its strong chassis. Hidromek soil compactors, ensuring maximum availability through versatile works, allow you to operate efficiently with high performance.

HMK 110 CS soil compactor. Source: Hidromek

Source: Hidromek

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