[Video] Roller Cone Hole Openers by Vermeer Now Avaiable for Multiple Options

Vermeer roller cone hole openers are available in diameters of 8 inches to 24 inches (20 cm – 61 cm) in 2-inch (5-cm) increments and includes a range of customizable options.

Source: Vermeer

Built for quality and performance, Vermeer roller cone hole openers feature cutters that are built specifically for this application.

“The cutters are not rebuilt or recycled from tricone pilot bits”, explains Jason Zylstra, Vermeer lifecycle product manager.

The cutters also feature metal-faced seals similar in style to what you’d find on a dozer or excavator rather than conventional rubber seals. These seals add durability to the cutters as they maximize the wear life in gritty conditions.

Vermeer roller cone hole openers are also built with a precision machining manufacturing process that allows the tool to have equal loading on each cutter.

Combining two machined surfaces — the cutter and the body — gives the tool concentricity, which maximizes the life of the tool by evenly distributing the wear,

says Zylstra.

With a wide range of sizes and centralizer options, as well as two different cutter options for hard and medium hard rock and a multitude of customizable options, Vermeer roller cone hole openers are equipped to meet the specific needs of any jobsite.

Source: Vermeer